MetallArt raises the level for top-class commercial stairs

by | 01 Nov 2021 | Products

In a contrasting finish and with a demanding design, the German staircase manufacturer realised the spiral steel stringer stairs with smooth steel soffit for the gallery hall at the Futurium in Berlin, where politics, science, business, art and society come together.

As an interdisciplinary house of the future, the Futurium is an innovative scientific project in the heart of the German capital aiming for sustainable solutions by offering a platform for presentation and dialogue. The steel stair sculpture by MetallArt is as unique as the building itself, which impresses with its architectural design and the standard of a low-energy house.

Spectacular sculpture in the room

It is far more than just the connection of two levels. The design stairs featuring parapet-high steel stringers and a smooth steel soffit lining activate the space and impress with a remarkable sculptural appearance. The stringers on both sides of the stairs were realised by welded hollow sections in box-type design. With their height of 1,200 mm, these steel elements create an imposing visual effect.

Due to the underside steel cladding, the construction got its expressive and sculptural shape. This innovative feature has a structurally supporting character and improves the vibrational behaviour of the staircase. It runs exactly according to the curved flight of the stairs and was realised of precisely formed steel sheets, which were welded evenly between the stringers on the bottom side. To receive an overall homogenous look, the welding specialists of MetallArt performed their work with the highest precision and comprehensive knowledge.

Design elements for perfect steel artwork

The staircase was completed with stylish stainless steel handrails running along the outer and inner box-type balustrades. These design features, made of stainless steel round tubes, accomplish the convincing overall look. By bent stainless steel round bars, serving as handrail supports, they were fixed to the steel balustrades of the stairs.

In the gallery at the upper floor, the parapet-high steel balustrade, finished in correspondence to the stairs stringers, masks the round slab edge. This part of the staircase ensemble was also finished in a black colour and intensifies the striking contrasting appearance of the light choice of white colour for the inside part of the design stairs.

Full service by MetallArt

Besides the delivery and assembly of the design stairs, MetallArt supplied the detailed CAD-construction plans including 3D design. This served for diverse presentations with a free selection of perspectives in order to visualise the plans. Furthermore, MetallArt was responsible for the verifiable structural analysis for the complete construction.

MetallArt Treppen emphasises, in addition to the hotel sector, representative international staircase projects for research and educational institutions. With outstanding and advanced design, the stairs of the German specialist give a distinctive character to every project.

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