Grand staircase design with premium support by MetallArt

by | 03 Sep 2021 | Products

Driven by passion for unique steel sculptures, MetallArt provides excellent services for architects and planners right from the beginning during all relevant phases of hotel staircase projects to ensure that expert knowledge and innovative solutions produce outstanding results.

Architects have to plan the many services of various trades and coordinate all project partners. And all this is expected to be realised with economic efficiency. For the effective use of project management and resources, sustainable analyses and knowledge transfer are essential instruments to avoid problems and complications. An early consultation taking into account both cost and planning aspects during the important service phases is the key to maximum project success.

Extensive service portfolio for competitive power in luxury staircase projects

The dedicated team from MetallArt has already proven its excellence in the most diverse and exclusive hotel staircase projects. As a reliable partner, the company gladly shares its experience and provides efficient and focused support to guarantee the planning security that is expected on the part of architects.

1. Feasibility analysis and cost advice during the basic evaluation stage

  • Initial plans provide essential information on whether and how a staircase can be constructed within a building. Creative ideas are reviewed for their viability within a feasibility analysis.
  • Due to various contributing factors, construction projects are very complex and both deadlines and costs often cannot be met. For most reliable processes, MetallArt eliminates relevant cost drivers and offers economic advice.
  • Initial cost forecasts, based on experience as well as existing specifications, eg number of floors or running width and possible information on the time schedule, access to the building, etc, allow for precise final calculations.

2. Comprehensive and flexible pre-planning service

  • For successful planning support, the MetallArt experts prepare proper data models of the relevant stairs by using advanced BIM technology.
  • Besides principle details showing relevant sections of typical staircase constructions and plan details customised to the respective projects, the individual specialist support includes 3D drawings, detailed planning and complete execution planning.
  • Scheduling the perfect installation time within construction processes from economic points of view while taking all relevant framework conditions into account is decisive for reliable calculations. MetallArt assists you in setting these dates.
  • Cost estimate according to German standard DIN 276 considering existing information, eg initial descriptions, calculations and planning documents for precise overall project calculation. Missing data is replaced by realistic assumptions on the basis of deep expertise.

3. Support for design and approval planning

  • Preliminary static measurements including all relevant verifications and detailed displays for an easy and precise integration into the corresponding documents enable planners to submit economical and reliable offers.

4. Execution and detail planning for customised feature stairs

  • MetallArt provides maximum assistance and freely furnishes project-related, individual tender texts in GAEB format that can be used for offer calculations.



As an expert in producing premium customised steel stairs and exclusive glass railings for international commercial and private building projects, MetallArt has been combining traditional craftsmanship with elegant design for more than 90 years.