Pineapple Hospitality opens Staypineapple brand to licensing

US Pacific northwest-based real estate company Pineapple Hospitality has launched a new management entity for its Staypineapple brand of hotels.

The 10 boutique sites across the US will now be operated by Staypineapple Hotels Inc, with the portfolio opening the doors to third-party licensing and property management.

Brand history

Pineapple Hospitality began managing and operating privately-owned boutique hotels in 2010 with the opening of The Maxwell Hotel in Seattle, its first Staypineapple property.

Since then, the company has spent the past 13 years purchasing and privately-managing nine additional hotels across the US as part of the Staypineapple brand portfolio.

Low investment requirements

Over this time, the company has been able to develop a business model with low capital investment requirements, increasing profitability by 35% within its existing portfolio.

This successful growth has prepared the organisation for its next step into third-party licensing and property management via Staypineapple Hotels Inc.

New flag option

Todd Boysen, Staypineapple Hotels Inc president and CEO, said: “Pineapple Hospitality was built on our founder Michelle Barnet‘s foundational belief that there is always a better way, a better experience and a better product. And if not, we took the responsibility upon ourselves to create it.

“Michelle’s vision to redefine hospitality through a friend-style service model within whimsically elegant hotels has received numerous inquiries for licensing opportunities over the years. We now feel confident that we’ve perfected our systems and services, and are ready to launch Staypineapple Hotels Inc as a property management and licensing company that will share the Staypineapple brand with our fellow hoteliers as a new and groundbreaking hotel flag option.”