Outlook predictions for 2022 by Thomas Heinen

by | 03 Mar 2022 | Products

How do you plan for 2022 when things are so unpredictable? It’s a difficult question, even more so for the hospitality industry when there are so many factors that are beyond our control.

Yet, as an industry, we can take signals from reports and research which suggest we could be in for a bonanza catchup year.

Speaking to The Guardian, Liddy Pleasants from adventure travel agency Stubborn Mule reports people “have saved their holiday money for two years and they are determined to do something memorable”.

From lost time with family and friends to missed celebrations for significant milestones and extra money saved, as The Times reports, people “want to make up for lost time”. Digital nomads and those craving a break from the onslaught of non-stop online interactions are also set to contribute to a predicted 2022 recovery similar to 2019 revenues.

For eateries directly related to the travel industry, the benefits look set to flow down whilst pubs, restaurants and hotels are expected to recover at a marginally slower pace.

What does that mean for our plans for the next 12 months?

For our team here at MEC2 Livecookintable, we’re looking at 2022 with growing optimism.

Breaching new horizons

Although we haven’t physically been able to travel for much of last year, 2021 saw us expand our global presence with representation in Benelux, Germany, the UAE, Australia, the UK and, most excitingly, launching in the US, which is developing into our most successful region. Our modular systems were fitted in many sports venues all over the country and many more are in development across golf, football and baseball arenas in 2022.

Like all of you, we’re really looking forward to the full reopening of the hospitality and cruise industry. We are excited to meet our customers face-to-face at events such as To The Table, Internorga Hamburg and FHA Singapore, and at our multiple showroom locations across the globe. These locations include:

  • Europe: Germany, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic to name but a few
  • Middle East: The UAE and Qatar
  • Asia: China, Singapore and Vietnam
  • Americas: New York City and Florida

Find your closest location by contacting us to schedule your appointment.

Best of all, we’ve got a collection of sizzling new innovations on the way, with sustainability at the heart of our vision. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!