How livecookintable® celebrated “National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day” – Shaping young minds and inspiring the future generation of chefs.

In September every year the “National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day”, an initiative started in 2011 by the Young Chefs Academy, is celebrated to empower and encourage learning about and preparing nutritious and healthy food.

This national day is celebrated every year on September 13th and to support the cause, we involved our very own little Chefs who have a different perspective on the use of the equipment, livecookintable® held their very own cooking session at headquarters. Looking back at how this active participation came to be, firstly becoming aware of this day, which started in the US, mentoring, and celebrating the future generation of chefs, is an important aspect we value. The Young Chefs Academy has a clear goal, which livecookintable® whole-heartedly supports, it can be found on their website, “By empowering kids with basic culinary skills, they can:

  • Take part in increasing the likelihood of families sharing more meals together.
  • Learn to use fresh, sustainable ingredients while expanding their food palate.
  • Be among those who want to play an integral role in decreasing childhood obesity and other health-related issues by choosing more home-cooked meals as opposed to high calorie/high fat menus found at fast food establishments.
  • Use these skills to become more independent, self-sufficient, and confident human beings.
  • Develop skills that will last a lifetime whether it’s for personal reasons or to pursue a professional trade. “

(Young Chefs Academy,

Then, we wanted to involve our families, as to them it seems like we spend so much time away and involved with something so abstract as a table or an Induction, so why not involve them in this day. Two birds, one stone, as the saying goes, and so we opened our doors to our own team and the next generation to cook on a livecookintable® for the first time ever. Our children took the task very seriously and were invited for a fun day of cooking, experimenting on the equipment and a day with their parents and new friends at the showroom.

Per the recommendation of the Young Chefs Academy, we went through all the stages with the kids: initially choose kid-friendly meals… PASTA, prepare, cook, YUMMY!. The right outfit is essential for a young chef in training. A chef’s hat and apron formed part of the welcome. The outfit is not just about style; they serve important practical purposes in the kitchen. With adult supervision, the kids worked hand in hand to prepare the veggies, salad as a side dish and of course different types of pasta as the main course. Using not just the Professional table, but also the Induction, and Wok Smart, the full livecookintable® portfolio was under a different kind of test that day. Clearly made for this day, the Multipot pasta was filled to the brim with different types of pasta in each basket. The smell, so good! Nonetheless, the Airwall cleaned the steam and odour in the room quickly and efficiently, and everybody was eager to eat the great lunch prepared by the kids on another Professional table, now used as a Chefs’ table.

All in all, an inspiring day in an innovative environment to learn and thrive for our children filled with fun. Not only is the equipment perfect for such a relaxed day, but also for your everyday business Check out livecookintable® again at this year’s Host Milan and find your perfect pasta station.

Join us from 13-17 October, 2023 at Fiera Milano Rho, Italy. You can find us at Pav 5P – Stand F03 F09 G04 G10. In addition to our well-known USPs, we have expanded our offering since the last show with multiple solutions.

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