Lotte Hotel accredited with ‘GBAC STAR’ by ISSA

by | 12 Oct 2021 | Portfolio

LOTTE HOTEL accredited with GBAC STAR by ISSA

The ultimate destination for trips to Korea: LOTTE HOTEL, as safe and clean as a hospital.

LOTTE HOTEL, the first Korean hotel brand to achieve GBAC STAR for all its five-star hotels. All hotels are equipped with strict hygiene systems to prevent diseases spreading.

The catchword for V-nomics of the post-pandemic era is safety. Global chain hotels have introduced services befitting the new normal by establishing hygiene systems and preventive measures, and by offering contactless services.

According to a survey conducted by Expedia Group in July, travellers prioritised hygiene conditions, preventive measures and contactless services when planning their trips. Whilst the expectation for safety standards continues to grow higher, the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR certification achieved by LOTTE HOTEL, the largest hotel group in Korea, draws attention.

In December 2020, the hotels SIGNIEL Seoul, SIGNIEL Busan as well as LOTTE HOTEL Seoul, LOTTE HOTEL World, LOTTE HOTEL Jeju and LOTTE HOTEL Ulsan have achieved the GBAC STAR certification from International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). The first accreditation was given to SIGNIEL Seoul in November 2020, followed by all five-star LOTTE HOTELS in Korea’s international acknowledgement.

ISSA is the most reputable worldwide association for hygiene industry, located in Northbrook, Illinois. GBAC STAR is the accreditation for hotels, restaurants and other public facilities that strictly abide by hygiene regulations and have preventive systems.

Facilities are systematically evaluated based on 20 strict global standards concerned with cleaning, disinfection and preventive programmes. The evaluation is conducted by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, comprising experts in biorisk field.

“The GBAC STAR certification is a global accreditation for disinfection system within a facility,” said a LOTTE HOTEL spokesperson. “A facility accredited with this certification constantly cleans and disinfects to the degree that of a hospital.”

Like this, LOTTE HOTEL has fortified disinfection and hygiene management to ensure guests’ safety against virus and contamination. In August 2020, ISSA experts gave consultation by checking on cleaning, disinfection and preventive standards through hotel inspection.

In general, hotels regularly disinfect those that are in frequent reach such as door handles, remote controllers and faucets when housekeeping. In addition to regular cleaning, LOTTE HOTEL disinfects all surfaces that come into contact with people, including tables and floors, using disinfectants for Covid19 recommended by the American EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), thus preventing cross-infection. The cleanliness of all contact surfaces is strictly controlled with regular ATP tests that measure microorganisms.

David HS Kim, CEO of LOTTE HOTEL said: “Since achieving the internationally accredited Food Safety Management System (ISO22000) certification for the first time for a Korean hotel brand in 2015, LOTTE HOTEL has been strictly managing safety and hygiene abiding by global standards. Based on our brilliant performances and know-how accumulated over the past 40 years, LOTTE HOTEL will continue to propose new prospects in hotel services in the post-pandemic era.”



Lotte Hotels & Resorts, the largest hotel group in Korea, is expanding beyond Asia to become a global brand.