How to minimize risks and maximize building efforts

by | 24 Dec 2019 | Products

Life in urban areas

Today we see more than 50% of the world’s population living in urban areas, and in Southeast Asia, we can expect more than 100 million people migrating from the countryside to towns and cities across the region between 2015 and 2030. The growing urban population will reshape the cities in which we live, work and play in, and the construction industry has to keep up with the rapid growth of cities, while considering the growing diversity of needs in a space.

It is a major challenge for architects, designers and builders, as not only do they have to build within shorter time frames, there is also a need to balance between aesthetics and function, including safety throughout every phase of the building lifecycle. Compliance to applicable building codes is crucial for each of these different applications, and depending on the class of building, there will be strict codes to be complied with. As such, selecting appropriate wall and ceiling materials from a wide range of systems options is an important part of the process.

With so many considerations, USG Boral’s technical board can provide a simple solution to solve specific building requirements, by serving as a one-stop shop for cost-effective and compliant products that fit the widely demanded technical factors for wall and ceiling boards.

USG Boral’s complete range of technical plasterboards

Designed to minimise damage and delays, our complete range of high-performance technical plasterboards, SoundStop®, WetStop™, ImpactStop™, FireStop™, MoldStop™ and MultiStop™, are encased in 100% recycled face and back papers that will ensure long-term performance. Introducing two of our star products:


Most building codes place special requirements on materials used in parts of buildings that are exposed to moisture, as damp surfaces can cause the growth of a myriad of unwanted fungi which can result in adverse effects, including health related consequences. USG Boral’s moisture-resistant plasterboards have been technically innovated over many decades and are manufactured to stringent standards, achieving the highest od standards when being tested under different environments*

*Enquire for USG Boral’s Technical Boards Whitepaper for more information


There are many examples of areas which call for wall and ceiling systems with multiple resistance qualities. One of the principal advantages of plasterboard products is that a century of technology innovation has enabled different functionalities and qualities to be built in. To meet the need for combinations of different resistance qualities, USB Boral manufactures the MultiStop™ range of wallboards.

Project Reference from USG Boral

Trusted by companies all around Asia, well-known architectures such as Indonesia’s Ayana Komodo Resort and Vietnam’s Lotte Center in Hanoi have used multiple technical boards in their buildings.

To find out more about how our technical boards can solve your specific building requirements or the USG Boral’s Technical Boards Whitepaper, visit

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