Effortless and flexible cleaning of carpets and hard floors

The ultra-flat design is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas: the machine can easily reach underneath stairs or furniture like beds or sofas.

The machine is suitable for effortless deep cleaning of carpets and hard floors in a wide variety of areas. Powered by a 36 V exchangeable battery, the cordless vacuum brush is part of the “Kärcher Battery Universe” and boasts an automatic floor identification function, a self-cleaning function which renders manual cleaning of the roller brush unnecessary, and a flat design that makes it easy to reach underneath furniture.

The roller brush of the CV 30/2 Bp thoroughly cleans carpet fibres and removes ingrained dirt. A surface nozzle, available as an accessory, facilitates cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and corners. Thanks to its particularly flat design, the CV 30/2 Bp also enables cleaning underneath low furniture such as shelves, sofas or beds.
An indicator lights informs users when the filter is full and needs to be replaced. The battery with integrated Real Time Technology offers a particularly high level of user convenience, as the remaining running time is shown on the machine display. If large areas need to be cleaned, an exchangeable battery can be inserted to extend the cleaning application to the needed duration. Users no longer need to manually clean the brush after using the CV 30/2 Bp; additional cleaning tools are therefore not necessary. Thanks to a foot-operated switch, the machine automatically separates hairs caught in the brush and suctions them in.

Thanks to new functions, for example the automatic floor identification function, the new cordless vacuum brush cleans even more efficiently.



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