The sustainable dry vacuum cleaner – T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast from Kärcher

With the T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast, Kärcher presents its new dry vacuum cleaner

What makes the T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast dry vacuum cleaner so special?

Sustainable thanks to recycled material
The T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast is made of 60% recycled material and impresses with reduced use of raw materials.

With a high proportion of recycled material, it is environmentally friendly in the manufacture and as robust as the standard models. It also has a HEPA 14 filter which ensures particularly effective air purification and thus enables use in hygienically sensitive areas.
During the production of each vacuum cleaner 1.425 kg of new plastic is saved and CO2 emissions as well as water consumption are minimised. The recycled plastic is manufactured from waste material arising during the production process, e.g. rejects, offcuts and excess. As a result, the amount of waste which would otherwise end up in landfill sites can be preserved. The recycled material offers the same quality as new plastic.

The use of recycled plastics is part of the initiative “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” within the framework of the strategic sustainability objectives of Kärcher. The company is consistently reducing and replacing the proportion of new plastics in its products. As a result, the proportion of recycled plastics has already quadrupled since 2012.

Flexible and light for mobile use
With its capacity of 11 l and weight of 4.2 kg, the dry vacuum cleaner is lighter than comparable models and can be carried over steps and obstacles with minimal effort. An ergonomic handle facilitates one-handed transport between different operation sites and ensures flexible and comfortable work. With a sound level of 62 dB(A), the dry vacuum cleaner is also suitable for noise-sensitive areas or daytime cleaning. This protects the hearing of cleaning staff and reduces the disruption for individuals in the surrounding area.



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