Dressing Hospitality Across the Globe with Chef Works & Bragard

Chef Works is a pioneer in hospitality uniforms, providing high-quality, stylish options from kitchen to front of house. With a global network and audited supply chain, they offer diverse uniform programs, catering to all in the industry. Their ready-made collections suit various preferences and roles, ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable uniform experience for staff.

Chef Works is established as the pioneering force in the realm of hospitality, offering comprehensive uniform solutions to dress you from the kitchen to the Front of House through their two leading brands of Chef Works and Bragard. Leveraging their expansive international network and audited supply chain, Chef Works excels in providing uniform programs that cater to the diverse needs of the hospitality industry.

 With an intricate web of resources spanning the globe, they seamlessly source and weave high-quality fabrics, designing both innovative and classic pieces with accessories, ensuring that each uniform hits the highest standards with functionality and style at the forefront. This strategic advantage allows both Chef Works and Bragard to offer a ready-made collection, from the traditional to contemporary, adaptable to a myriad of cultural preferences and professional roles within the hospitality sector. From independent businesses to international hotel chains, our passion is to create a sustainable uniform experience that staff enjoy wearing.







As the global leader in the design, development and programme management of contemporary hospitality uniforms, Chef Works is committed to consistently delivering innovation, quality, service, value and style to all customers.