The Growth of Sustainability in Uniforms

Chef Works and Bragard offer sustainable uniforms with eco-friendly fabrics, reducing environmental impact and meeting consumer demand for ethical clothing

Have you considered sustainable uniforms within your hotel property? It’s a simple upgrade that makes a huge impact with just one item at a time.

The growth of sustainability in uniforms, particularly from well-known brands like Chef Works and Bragard, reflects a significant shift towards eco-consciousness in the apparel and hospitality industries. Here at Chef Works and Bragard, we have recognised the importance of reducing our environmental impact while maintaining the quality and style of products that our discerning customers anticipate.

At Chef Works, we’ve embraced this needed shift by introducing eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, such as recycled polyester and organic cotton, into our uniform lines. Our commitment extends beyond simply the raw materials, with initiatives to minimise waste and carbon emissions within our manufacturing processes too.

Bragard, known for its premium culinary uniforms, continues to lead the way by merging sustainability with quality design. Through innovations with sustainable fibres and implementing ethical production practices, Bragard aims to offer durable and stylish uniforms that stay true to the prestige of the brand whilst aligning with eco-friendly values.

This determined move towards sustainability in uniforms is not a trend, it is driven not only by consumer demand for ethically produced clothing, but also by our industry’s recognition of the importance of environmental stewardship. As more companies in the wonderful world of hospitality take charge of their eco journey and prioritise sustainability, the landscape will naturally evolve to reflect these priorities, benefiting both the planet and those who wear these uniforms and the many companies that purchase them.

You can explore our sustainable collections below:

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