Cetis & TOPS Printing: A Powerhouse Partnership for Hospitality Innovation

Discover how this collaboration redefines hotel design and functionality, offering innovative appliances and custom printed solutions that elevate the guest experience.

Cetis Introduces Stylish Hotel Appliance Line, Elevates Guest Experience with TOPS Printing Customization

Colorado Springs, CO – Cetis, the leader in hotel telecommunications solutions, unveils a new line of hotel appliances designed to blend sophisticated style with superior functionality. In collaboration with TOPS Printing, hotels can further personalize their guest experience with a range of bespoke communication solutions.

The Cetis Appliance Line: Elegance Meets Practicality

Cetis redefines guest room essentials with sleek kettles, irons, hair dryers, and more. Crafted with high-quality materials and a focus on minimalist design, these durable appliances add a touch of modern elegance to any hotel room.

TOPS Printing: The Perfect Finishing Touch

TOPS Printing offers hotels a suite of custom options to complement the Cetis appliance line. Enhance your brand identity with vibrant telephone faceplates, eye-catching water bottle danglers, and elegant door hangers – all tailored to your hotel’s unique aesthetic.

Limited-Time Offer: Upgrade Your Guest Experience

Experience the difference in design and guest satisfaction with Cetis appliances. Enjoy a 20% discount on the new appliance line – offer expires April 30th, 2024. Use promo code CTSAPP043024 when contacting us.

Discover the Advantage:

About Cetis:

Cetis sets the standard for hospitality innovation with exceptional telecommunications solutions and now, a premium appliance line. Our partnership with TOPS Printing underscores our commitment to providing hotels with exceptional tools to enhance the guest experience.

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Cetis is a leading ISO-­9001, RoHS and WEEE-certified manufacturer of Teledex, TeleMatrix and Scitec brand telephones.