Why IHG’s New Midscale Hotel Brand Doesn’t Have a Name

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Chains

InterContinental Hotels Group recently announced plans to roll out its 13th hotel brand, which stands to be a value-driven midscale offering. The company, however, did not give its newest brand a name, not yet anyway.

Without a name, IHG’s newest brand also doesn’t have a logo yet. The lack of these two things, however, didn’t stop IGH from announcing the formation of the brand to the more than 3,000 hotel owners and operators in attendance at IHG’s 2017 Americas Owners Conference, which was recently held in Las Vegas.

Industry experts say the lack of a name at this point is not likely to slow down IHG’s new brand, and taking time to get naming and brand identity absolutely perfect could be a wise move, one that might separate the new project from the mass of existing value-driven midscale offerings that are out in the market. IHG isn’t the first hospitality provider to go public with a new brand that doesn’t yet have a name. Last year, Trump Hotels did the same thing while publicizing the formation of a new brand of boutique hotels that was eventually dubbed Scion.

As stakeholders wait for a name to be disclosed, there are many other factoids about this brand that are currently available for perusal, including:

  • The brand aims for new build projects with around 90 to 100 rooms spread across 1.5 acres
  • The brand will debut in the Americas
  • It will feature in-room technology that gives guests the ability to cast content from their own devices to TVs
  • While its complimentary breakfasts will be “no nonsense,” they will also feature “brand-name options”
  • This is a midscale brand with rates that aim to be $10 to $15 lower than the rack rates found at comparable Holiday Inn Express properties
  • The brand aims to accommodate “principled everyday travelers” who are looking for “exceptional quality at a great price” and are “practical, self-reliant and value a hard-earned dollar.”
  • This brand will be “franchise ready” by fall, with the first hotels expected to start construction in 2018 with targeted opening dates in 2019
  • All rooms will be “designed for sound sleep” and will be 220 square feet for a king room (which will make up 65 percent of all rooms) and 275 square feet for a double queen room (which will make up the remaining 25 percent of all rooms)

During a recent conference call with reporters, IHG’s senior vice president of brands and marketing for the Americas, Heather Balsey, said the brand possess the potential to capitalize on a part of the industry that is “worth $20 billion in annual industry revenues.” Balsey continued to say that the brand is designed to “cater to guests who are not being served today.”

As far as the name, she said it will be revealed to all within the coming months.


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