Red Sea Global names Sébastien Carre as Hospitality Group Head

The accomplished leader with over 30 years of luxury hospitality experience, Sébastien Carre, will now serve as Group Head of Hospitality for the developer.

This appointment continues Red Sea Global’s quest to bring on top-tier talent who will drive innovation and be a part of achieving great success in the hospitality sector.

Elevating Saudi Arabia’s tourism

In his role as Group Head of Hospitality for the developer behind regenerative tourism destinations The Red Sea and Amaala in Saudi Arabia, Sébastien Carre will lead the hospitality function of all RSG destinations, as well as self-operated properties, with the aim of ultimately elevating the nation’s position in global tourism.

On his appointment as Group Head of Hospitality at RSG, he commented: “Red Sea Global’s vision and pioneering approach to regenerative tourism is profoundly inspiring.”

“I look forward to leading the hospitality function and assembling a team of talented hospitality specialists, best in class craftsmen and women, to launch these groundbreaking destinations, positioning Saudi Arabia at the forefront of global tourism. We aim to create unparalleled experiences and set new benchmarks in luxury hospitality excellence.”

A time of growth

Carre brings to the role more than 30 years of experience in luxury hospitality. Throughout this time the graduate from VATEL Hospitality & Tourism Business School in Lyon has taken on leadership roles in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean and Pacific Islands.

Most recently, Carre served as Regional Vice President at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, during which time he oversaw properties in the Seychelles, Abu Dhabi, Tanzania, Azerbaijan and South Africa and led the reinvention of the brand’s presence in Mauritius.

At this time of growth, RSG plans to hire over 700 more hospitality professionals in the next 12 months. The company has had two hotels in operation since last year and The Red Sea International Airport has had a regular flight schedule since September. Desert Rock, Thuwal Private Retreat and Shebara are set to open this year and Amaala is slated for 2025 debut.

John Pagano, Group CEO at Red Sea Global, commented: “This year Thuwal Private Retreat and Shebara will both open to guests. More RSG-operated properties will follow soon after. As this collection of self-operated, luxury hospitality properties move from development into operations, the deep experience Sébastien brings with him, coupled with the innate hospitality that Saudi has long been famous for, ensures we are ready to delight our visitors.”