No, seriously. Who wants to check into the Taco Bell hotel?

by | Jun 21, 2019 | General News

Traveler and a fan of taco bell? Then here is your perfect hotel. 

Yep, you read that right – Taco Bell is taking over a hotel and resort in Palm Springs this summer.

People will soon be able to sleep at a Taco Bell.

Well, not an actual Taco Bell, but a hotel and resort in Palm Springs which Taco Bell is taking over for the summer.

That’s right, America’s top purveyor of inauthentic Mexican fast food is going to be running a hotel for the summer.

And, of course, it’s going to be in Southern California.

The resort is officially opening in August, but reservations are open from June, giving interested parties the perfect opportunity to voluntarily fall asleep in a Taco Bell.

The Taco Bell Hotel

Taco Bell is billing this chance—which is for people 18 years old and up only—as the only way to get access to some exclusive menu items, as well as a few fun surprises.

Whatever happens at this Taco Bell resort, there’s certain to be some unique chances to get a few shots for Instagram.   

What can this all mean? Why is this happening? Who would want to stay at a Taco Bell resort? These questions and more are sure to be answered this summer.

It only remains to be seen if KFC and McDonald’s will follow suit in the winter by taking over campgrounds or ski resorts.

Is Taco Bell actually cool?

The answer is probably no, but the company sure is doing its best to let the world know it’s self-aware.

Remember, this is the same Taco Bell which collaborated with Warner Bros. last year at San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the film Demolition Man.

In that movie, it is mentioned that in the year 2032 Taco Bell is the only remaining restaurant, having survived The Franchise Wars.

To commemorate this, the company set up a futuristic Taco Bell restaurant at San Diego Comic-Con, complete with a four-course Taco Bell meal and Mountain Dew cocktails.

What a strange, strange world we live in…


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