Welcome to a new Zafiro Cloud era

by | 12 Jan 2022 | Products

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Zafiro Cloud, welcome to the new era.

The need for digitisation, interactivity and remote management has grown enormously in recent years, putting an increasing focus on security and privacy. This is a constant challenge perfect for undertaking projects as ambitious as the one that Entertainment Solutions has carried out. The redesign of different Zafiro solutions under a pure cloud architecture on Amazon Web Services.

A process that started at the end of 2018 and has required analysing and selecting the optimal technologies and languages, converting all staff to them, and then redesigning and redeveloping the full range of Zafiro products created in the last 12 years. All this supported by the accumulated knowhow, with the needs and expectations of the sector as a reference and with the goal of revolutionising the technology currently in force on the market, reaching a level higher than the one that the company had already reached with the pre-existing product.

It is difficult to summarise a project of this magnitude in five words but we can assure you that one of the greatest challenges of bringing Zafiro to a pure cloud architecture has been to dump the expertise acquired over the years into a totally new system. Zafiro has reinvented itself in the cloud to once again generate a technological disruption and continue to evolve from it. In the words of Jorge García, Zafiro software architect, “start over knowing more”.

The obvious advantage for our clients, traditionally in the hotel sector, of implementing a Zafiro solution now reinvented in the cloud is purely technological, with everything that involves embracing the highest standards of privacy, cybersecurity, scalability and availability from the hand of Amazon Web Services and enjoying the maximum performance and response speed that the most advanced programming languages ​​of the moment allow.

An advantage that is followed by a long list, such as that a chain can have a centralised corporate management of its different properties in a natural and friendly way from any location. Or that of an even more optimal experience for the guest, who will enjoy all the hotel services in a personalised way, accessing them in a single click from their mobile device, as well as through the hotel screens.

Now more than ever, interaction breaks down physical barriers, allowing the establishment to provide care and services to its users anywhere before, during and after the stay. Zafiro Cloud is a service delivery model aimed at meeting higher demand in a more sustainable and efficient way. Directly, immediately over time, with an almost flat cost and management impact. The ultimate goal is for the guest to perceive that everything works quickly and easily, making their user experience much more rewarding.

Zafiro is a modular ecosystem, under a pure cloud architecture, that adapts to the needs of the hospitality environment offering IPTV technology, interactive, connectivity and entertainment services with the aim of offering an optimal experience for the guest.

Entertainment Solutions is the company that develops the Zafiro ecosystem mainly aimed at the hotel sector, applicable to any type of smart building, such as hospitals. Spain being the headquarters, with subsidiaries in Latin America and Asia, it is present in more than 60 countries and in more than 70,000 hotel rooms.

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Zafiro is a modular and flexible ecosystem under a pure cloud architecture, which gets adapted to the needs of customers, offering cutting-edge infrastructures of in-room entertainment IPTV and digital signage.