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by | 28 Oct 2019 | Suppliers

The world of hospitality is an ever-changing phenomenon. As a hotelier, we have to keep a pulse on emerging trends to avoid disappointing guests and falling behind competitors.
The priority no longer lies in only increasing the number of guests you attract, but rather improving their experience to keep them coming back. Apart from service, your amenities and decor also play a vital role in enhancing the experience and granting convenience to your guests. In an increasingly competitive environment, the way hotels react to guests’ expectations has a dramatic impact on their profitability.

At Walthr, we understand the importance even of minute details which are also part of the guest experience. We precisely work on solutions for the service & hospitality industry. We perfectly know how to curate an experience for your guests and make it memorable. It’s the small things that make the big things possible. The close attention to the fine details of any operation makes that operation a first-class experience.

We are one of the largest manufacturer of operational equipment and amenities in the hospitality industry in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the UK. Our products are refined to meet the international standards and are designed with sheer elegance and deep contemplation and planning to provide the best in class service and experience. We approach our designs with curiosity to simplify products and make them stand out. Our attention to detail and multiple quality checks ensure only the remarkable is delivered to you.

Since the end-user experience is most crucial in the service and hospitality industry, we have designed and manufactured equipment which will be comfortable in terms of operation and its application. Our varied range of products gives a choice of decor and appliances for each and every kind of accommodation and amenity. Guests always seek for personalized experiences & comforts of home even if they are on vacations or especially on business trips. We provide excellently ‘chosen’ product services with 360-degree solutions. Walthr always aims at enhancing the niche for your guests delivering them a seamless aesthetic experience.

We adhere and follow a simple principle in hospitality i.e. Hospitality means making sure that those who come once will always come back. Hence we strive to make sure that we always leave a mark wherever we are furnishing for our clients and their guests. Walthr will put your operational worries at the back seat for you so that you can drive the memorable experiences for your guests. Its all about furnishing memories & experiences!



Walthr Corporation Limited, headquartered in UK, is one of the largest manufacturer of operational equipment and amenities for the hospitality industry.


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