Waldorf Astoria’s latest marketing campaign seeks to connect with luxury travelers

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Waldorf Astoria’s new target: luxury travelers

The iconic Waldorf Astoria brand has announced its ‘Live Unforgettable’ campaign, a bold move to reposition itself as a unique experience with deep connections to the luxury traveler of today

Hilton’s iconic luxury brand Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts has announced the debut of its “Live Unforgettable” marketing campaign, which is being cast as a bold move to reposition Waldorf Astoria as a unique experience that has deep ties to the luxury traveler of today.

In announcing the new campaign, it quickly became evident that this effort is backed by significant consumer insights. Overall, Live Unforgettable seems poised to pair the Waldorf Astoria’s deep continuing legacy with an unexpected, playful take on what leaders are calling True Waldorf Service.

The Luxury Consumer of Today

A key question that arises from this announcement is who exactly is this luxury consumer of today that Waldorf Astoria seeks to emphasize its deep connection with?

Well, in analyzing modern luxury travel, the company has worked to identify this, finding an increasing number of consumers who seek an ever-elusive sense of simply being present in their surroundings. Essentially, members of younger age groups such as millennials and generation X—as well as the growing affluent female market—are significantly reshaping the luxury travel landscape.

As a result, the world is turning increasingly toward the latest technologies, and the once clear lines between professional and personal success are now continuing to blur. For many, living in the moment feels difficult, if not downright impossible. Other insights gleaned by the Waldorf Astoria indicated that those who seek a sense of place want the classic luxury stylings of classic hotels like this one along with newer and stylish modern flare, all of which must add up to an unforgettable experience and the sense that they are living their lives to the fullest possible extent.

The Campaign

As such, the campaign centers around three storylines, which are:

  • Game Day – The desire for a ‘smash game’ starts with a guest calling his Personal Concierge and ends with an exuberant game of ping-pong among family and friends. Little does the Personal Concierge know, the young daughter is an all-star player.
  • Spa for Two – A woman requests a spa service from her Personal Concierge for her and her Highland Terrier. Much to her delight, the spa has arranged a “service for two”…for her and her adorable pup.
  • Sundae Surprise – A young couple orders every sundae on the room service menu and, without hesitation, the Personal Concierge fills the suite with every sundae imaginable.

What Hilton Leadership is Saying

Hilton leadership is, of course, bullish on what this campaign could mean for its storied Waldorf Astoria brand.

In fact, Hilton’s chief marketing officer Kellyn Smith Kenny had this to say: “The majority of luxury campaigns in hospitality look the same; however, luxury consumer preferences continue to change. Knowing that the luxury landscape and the needs of our customers are evolving to be more experience-driven, we have created a campaign that is fresh, digitally-led and grounded in a deep understanding of rising consumer expectations.”

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