VALO Hotel & Work goes beyond the traditional smart building with Mount Kelvin

by | 17 Mar 2021 | Products

VALO Hotel & Work is a hotel by night and a modern workspace by day. One of the keys behind the seamless functionality is a guestroom management system by Mount Kelvin.

In order to achieve a maximal utilisation rate of spaces, Helsinki-based VALO Hotel & Work has come up with a unique service and space concept for digital nomads and travellers alike. Convertible furniture and smart tech enable the guestrooms to provide ideal conditions for both working and unwinding.

Mount Kelvin guestroom management system was chosen to control the illumination of the building, all the way from the rooftop terrace to the underground parking lot. The simple yet powerful control over the rooms and public spaces is done with wireless and self-powered switches. The system also includes an indoor positioning system that provides the management with data to further develop the guest experience and concept.

“We spend a lot of time finding the most advanced solutions that have been proven to work and fill the requirements of our concept. Mount Kelvin is an innovative and comprehensive solution that’s tailored to hospitality perfectionists like ourselves,” said VALO chief business development officer Teemu Saari, summarising the main benefits of the technology.

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Mount Kelvin provides hotel room controls for those who want to impress.