Travelodge Hotels launches pioneering new “bedshare” service [Video]

by | Apr 1, 2019 | General News

A typical “bedshare” room by Travelodge Hotels

Travelodge’s hilarious April Fools initiative made us smile, so we’re sharing the laugh.

Travelodge Hotels is introducing its pioneering new “bedshare” service.

The idea behind this exciting new concept of “bedshare” is straightforward: guests receive a 50 percent discount if they are willing to share 50 percent of their rooms and amenities with another guest, their so called “bedshare buddy”.

Of course, Travelodge Hotels will do their best to make the stay as comfortable as possible, pairing guests with others who are checking in and out at a similar time and providing in advance some general details about the room companion.

But don’t worry. They’ve also got you covered if you spontaneously decide to stay longer. In this case, someone else can replace your previous bedshare buddy.

Besides sharing a room, bedshare buddies will also share their meal and amenities (including towels and toilet paper). To avoid problems of what belongs to whom, Travelodge Hotels team members go the extra mile by literally dividing everything down the middle to please each bedshare buddy equally.

Let’s take a look at what guests using the “bedshare” service have to say in this testimonial video:

But it’s no coincidence this service is launched exactly on April Fools Day!

Kudos to the team at Travelodge for this very creative gag. It sure made the TOPHOTELNEWS team smile!


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