TOPHOTELNEWS exclusive: DACH region’s top brands at a glance [Construction report]

by | 04 Oct 2019 | Projects

Zurich drives Switzerland’s hotel industry. 10 projects are currently in the pipeline.

New and established chains still focus on the DACH region as an important location.
Germany, Austria and Switzerland are known for their solid hospitality sector and quality accommodations.
Although the market in these three countries is already well-developed, more than 900 new projects and thus more than 134,000 new rooms are to be added over the next few years.

Germany charges ahead in the DACH region

Of the 956 planned hotels, a whopping 764 are to be launched in Germany. In Austria 92 projects are in the pipeline, Switzerland has 100. Even the city-state of Liechtenstein is to open a new hotel.
In view of these figures, it is no surprise that 8 of the 10 fastest-growing cities in the DACH region are in Germany. As the only non-German city, Vienna is 6th on the list with 23 projects.
In Germany, Hamburg comes first with 50 projects and over 10,000 new rooms. Berlin and Munich follow with 38 and 22 new hotels respectively. Zurich and Geneva lead the pack in Switzerland with pipelines of 10 and 7 projects each.

Quickly growing brands: new and old names

While larger brands are planning only two to three new hotels in Switzerland and Austria, many chains currently have Germany on their radar as a solid growth market. These brands include the niu, Holiday Inn Express and Premier Inn.
With 37 new openings, the niu is the DACH region’s powerhouse. The young brand’s focus is mainly on Germany, where it intends to launch 36 hotels with more than 8,000 rooms in the coming years. Berlin is to receive 6, Hamburg will see 4 and Düsseldorf and Stuttgart each welcome 3 the niu properties.
Holiday Inn Express is planning 29 new hotels, 27 of which are to open in Germany. Premier Inn has 12 projects in its pipeline, all of them in Germany.
Ibis Styles, Moxy and B&B Hotels are expanding their portfolios by 19, 18 and 13 homes respectively. For these brands, growth is distributed more evenly across the entire DACH region.

The DACH region’s top projects

The Rosewood Vienna is clearly a highlight of the upcoming new openings in the DACH region. The former headquarters of Erste Group Bank AG, a historic building from the 18th century, is currently undergoing a complete renovation and is due to receive guests for the first time in Q2 2022.
In Cologne, Ruby Hotel will offer guests a break in a lush green heaven in the middle of the city. A spacious garden and plants around (and on!) the entire complex make this Ruby a special kind of business hotel.
The Pierdrei Hotel Hafencity in Hamburg will open its doors in 2019. 212 rooms and 39 long-stay apartments will be available here. This hotel has a great range of leisure activities including a cinema, restaurants and retail facilities and is ideally set up for families.
Let’s take a look at a few more projects in the DACH region:

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