The strong connection of Commtech Asia to the hospitality industry

by | 15 Nov 2021 | Products

Commtech Asia is the leader in commissioning management for the hospitality industry

“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

This quote from William A Foster literally and perfectly describes how a built environment should be like.

Resilient, sustainable, energy-efficient, high quality

Many of today’s built environments are becoming more complex and there are more demands for sustainable buildings. The hospitality and integrated resorts industry, in particular, is under pressure to compete in a fast-changing world. More hospitality projects are focusing not only on the design but also on risk reduction, tenants’ and guests’ life safety, energy-efficiency and the sustainability of the whole building.

But how can a hotel development achieve these?

Enter Commtech Asia. A pioneer of independent commissioning services in the Asia Pacific region.

Commtech Asia provides commissioning management for the hospitality and integrated resorts industry. Our customers trust our technical expertise, tried-and-tested methodologies and unrivalled experience in ensuring that their hotels’ services systems operate and integrate optimally to meet the defined objectives and owners’ requirements.

We have worked on some of the largest, most prestigious mega-properties and hotel developments across Asia Pacific to deliver highly successful projects in the hospitality industry. For every hotel construction, we are there to help answer the multitude of technical complexities related to all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire (MEPF) and extra low voltage (ELV) services and systems, from the earliest stages of design through to handover and beyond.

Through our multidisciplinary expertise, our team significantly de-risk the delivery of major projects, prevent costly errors and increase speed to market with greater peace of mind and the best quality outcomes. We have been there for clients to make the built environment work better for people and we will continue to make many more buildings and hotels become more resilient.

The world is changing and we must change with it. Gone are the days where aesthetics are the most important factors in a hotel construction. Nowadays, life safety, compliance, quality and sustainability are equally important, and one of the major considerations in building construction.

To achieve these, you need proper commissioning management and, when it comes to commissioning management, choose only the experts.

Choose Commtech Asia.



Commtech Asia is a market-leading, independent building commissioning consultant.

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  • Commtech Asia is the leader in Commissioning Management for the hospitality industry