Commtech Asia: The road to Net Zero

From Hotels that “just work” to hotels that are operationally ready.

Commtech Asia: The road to Net Zero

by | 18 May 2022 | Products

From Hotels that “just work” to hotels that are operationally ready.

Independent Commissioning Management breaks the conventional approach of buildings that ‘just work’ upon handover… to buildings that are ‘operationally ready’ and ‘sustainable’ upon completion, and is proven to make buildings 14% more effi­cient in carbon emission rates.

Whether it be new, renovation or fit-out projects, each party had an obligation to perform some aspects of the commissioning functions, however, none will take a fully holistic view of the overall process. By re-allocating portions of each budget, Commissioning Manager acts as the owner of all commissioning related activities, and clearly links each vendor to their requirements under the contract.

Who benefits from a proper Commissioning Management?

Owner (The Developer) – By employing a third-party commissioning consultant, the developer will have peace of mind that the development will be handed over in the most optimized sustainable way, ensuring their asset is:

  1. Sustainable and long lasting
  2. Enhanced ROI from optimized systems providing upmost energy efficiency
  3. Market reputation
  4. More attractive portfolio to attract the big hotel brands
  5. Green & sustainable organization
  6. Building meets all government and policies & legislations
  7. Building performs to specification


Operator (the Brand) – Guest safety and comfort being paramount, most hotel brands make it a pre-requisite requirement for developers to engage a specialist third party for verification of critical systems and infrastructure.

  1. Guest safety and fire compliant
  2. Guest comfort; systems optimized and verified to design intent
  3. Reduced carbon emissions
  4. Brand reputation
  5. Repeat business – customer loyalty
  6. Green & sustainable organization
  7. Achieve corporate goals of net zero carbon by 2050
  8. Efficient – increased revenue (reduced energy & carbon emissions)
  9. Eco-conscious hotel offering


End User (the Customer) and the Environment – If a building hasn’t been commissioned correctly, the impact will unfortunately be felt by the customer. Inconsistent air conditioning, noise and unknown safety risks can be a few impacts to the guests. If however, commissioning is carried out correctly, the benefits are:

  1. Comfort, clean, environmental, defect free
  2. Safety, fire & air quality
  3. Fully functioning development
  4. No health risks & safe environment – health & wellness (air quality / fire safety / emergency systems)
  5. Adheres to all local and global standards
  6. Hotel in line with publics personal views on safeguarding the planet


Why Commtech Asia?

Since 1999, Commtech Asia has been at the forefront of the industry, pioneering independent specialist services to help shape better built environments. Operating in 13 locations around the globe, we provide independent commissioning management and integrated project solutions for complex, mission-critical, and large-scale buildings and spaces. Our people are specialist engineers with multi-disciplinary expertise and unrivalled experience, driven by a vision to unlock the full potential of built environments, so that people and businesses can realise theirs. Our experts help customers build to the best quality and performance, thereby reducing risks, cost, and overall impact on the environment throughout its life cycle.

Choose the experts. Choose Commtech Asia.

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