14% energy savings projected for a properly commissioned hotel

How can your hotel brand benefit from good commissioning management?

14% energy savings projected for a properly commissioned hotel

by | 05 Mar 2022 | Products

Commissioning management is all about life safety, compliance and sustainability

How can your hotel brand benefit from good commissioning management?

If you are thinking of expanding or renovating your hotel, 0.5% is the number to remember. No, it’s not a percentage of your social media followers, nor the percentage increase in TikTok videos per day. 0.5% is the minimal percentage cost of managing your hotel’s commissioning process.

Commtech Asia, an independent commissioning management company with a strong footprint in Asia and Europe, supports the study made by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that out of 100% of your new construction budget, setting aside 0.5% for commissioning management can result in 14% median whole-building energy savings.

The costs for commissioning are amortised on average 4.2 years after a building is built due to energy savings, lower operation costs and fewer change orders.

Perhaps it is important to know that hotel owners, hotel operators, end-users and the environment are the major beneficiaries of commissioning management. Most global brands demand a third-party certification of most critical infrastructure within a development. And to drive optimum building performance with quality assurance, absolute system resilience and maximum energy efficiency, we at Commtech Asia highly recommend commissioning management.

The more in-depth we are able to be involved in a project, the better the ongoing benefits will be to the commercial and operational success of the development.

For the owners, employing a third-party commissioning consultant like Commtech Asia can provide them with peace of mind that the development will be handed over in the most optimised, sustainable way.

For the hotel operators, guest safety and comfort being paramount, most hotel brands make it a prerequisite requirement for developers to engage a specialist third party for verification of critical systems and infrastructure. If a building hasn’t been commissioned correctly, the impact will unfortunately be felt by the customer. Inconsistent air conditioning, noise and unknown safety risks can be a few impacts to the guests. Commissioning management can assure that your hotel will be compliant to all local and global standards as well as be publicly viewed as a hotel that safeguards the planet.

For the end-users and the environment, if commissioning is carried out correctly, guests and the environment will benefit greatly from the comfortable, clean, safe, environmentally friendly and fully functioning hotel.

Independent commissioning management breaks the conventional approach of buildings that ‘just work’ upon handover…to buildings that are ‘operationally ready’ and ‘sustainable’ upon completion.

When it comes to commissioning management, choose the experts.

Choose Commtech Asia.

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  • Commissioning Management is all about life safety, compliance and sustainability