The OTT revolution

by | 26 Feb 2022 | Products

The implementation of cast technology entails the digital transformation of the hotel environment from all points of view.

We witness a constant revolution in the audiovisual world, users welcomed this evolution from the beginning, and we are high demanders of these services. In fact, the statistics speak for themselves. The evolution of the applications, the migration of TV channels or the proliferation of specific content for OTT platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime are palpable facts in our day to day.

2021 ended up showing percentages of OTT domestic use close to 80% of the population only in Spain. Globally, OTT app viewing hours have grown by 69%. A change in trend in audiovisual streaming is evident due to the emergence of new platforms and new content. The offer begins to be wide and varied depending on the country in which we are.

If we transfer this trend to the hospitality sector, we find that guests value positively that in their room they can enjoy the OTT platforms to which they are subscribed regardless of which country they are in at that time.

In addition, hotel brands increasingly dispense with paying subscriptions to coaxial channels to offer only monitors with a cast system, thus turning the televisions in the rooms into interactive platforms that include the possibility for the guest to cast their own content on the television in their room.

The implementation of this type of technology entails the digital transformation of the hotel environment from all points of view. The hospitality industry is rich in data, from hotel room reservations to preferred TV channels that guests frequently watch.

While this information would not have much value in the past, hoteliers can use big data to unlock a wealth of opportunities from this information and define a new way of doing business. Contextual ads that are based on the content guests view could be a way to monetise customer viewing patterns.

To make guests feel at home, hotels offer a setup with preinstalled apps so guests can use their own subscription to view their preferred OTT service. Furthermore, hotels can use the same configuration to provide their own content through the OTT service. Having an OTT service to provide their own content helps hoteliers deliver a unified experience to their guests, regardless of whether they choose to view hotel-provided content or through their own subscription.

Entertainment Solutions makes Zafiro Cast available to clients. A pure cloud architecture solution that allows guests to securely cast their own content in the hotel room during their stay. This solution is scalable and, joined with the rest of the Zafiro solutions, completes and optimises the guest’s connectivity experience.

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