The most innovative suppliers at the Hotel Show Dubai

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Suppliers

Last week The Hotel Show Dubai, the largest and most prestigous hospitality exhibition show in the Middle East came to an end.

The event – hosted during The Dubai International Hospitality Week and alongside the TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour, The Leisure Show, Gulfhost and Speciality Food Festival – had offered 50,000 sector professionals an unmissable opportunity to find out about the latest products, ideas and trends shaping our industry’s future.

Let’s highlight a few innovative solutions seen at the Hotel Show Dubai:

YouBed is the only supplier of Hotel matresses with adjustable firmness. International expansion began February 2017 with hotel chain Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, that today offers YouBed-rooms at all European hotels in their SLEEP category. The company head office is located in Stockholm and with sales offices located in Germany, Austria, Nigeria and Chin

Aqua Bike Magic® device combines aquacycling and hydromassage. Training on a water exercise bike training with hydrostatic resistance of water produces quick results. Whirling held during the session relaxes and stimulates flow of the lymph and released ozone oxidizes dead skin cells. The elderly can benefit from training on Aqua Bike Magic® as it doesn’t stress the joints.The aqua bike completely covers the body part while excersing, a perceived benefit by many of its users is that they will never be exposed to the eye of other hotel guests. Workout in the water is much more pleasant, fatigue is much less noticeable, although the muscles work very hard.

MistAmerica provides turnkey outdoor cooling solutions including patented misting fans. Low energy outdoor ceiling fans and stylish outdoor heaters make outdoor environments pleasant and can create unique fog effects to make hotels become enjoyable the full year ’round.


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