When you welcome customers to your premises or you design or build commercial or residential spaces, you are giving them an experience. However, it is now far more common for their first encounter to be online through the images you post. If that doesn’t inspire them then they may not set foot inside your premises at all. We often choose which pub to visit, which restaurant to eat in, which hotel to stay at or which property to consider based upon the images presented to us on websites and social media. So, this is a great opportunity to stand out and entice them in!


Investing in high quality images is like investing in the look of your premises, logo or any other route by which you may be judged by potential clients. It is about providing the right first impression. Do you have a space with a great view? Do your photos show this view in balance with a well lit interior? Or have you got areas obscured by the photos being too dark or bright in places? Professional architectural & interior photography is all about selling the space. It isn’t just about the details and textures, although that of course matters; it is about giving people a feeling of what it is like to be there. We are helping them imagine themselves in our spaces so they want to be there.


My expertise in this difficult genre of photography can help you to give as good an impression through your images as the customer would get walking into the premises. I hold an Associateship qualification specialising in interior photography with the Society of International Commercial & Industrial Photographers. My photography has earned over 50 international awards and has featured in various digital and print media locally, nationally & internationally. I have a proven track record for delivering quality.

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