The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens has a fresh gleam of brilliance with lights made by 2F Lighting

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The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens is one of the leading 5-star luxury hotels in Ireland. This breathtaking property located near Killarney is set in a beautiful landscape close to the iconic “Gap of Dunloe”. The property was closed over a period of 18 months. During this time a complete reconstruction of the main building, which contained all of the public areas, was undertaken. 2F Lighting had the honor to complete the decorative, as well as the technical lighting solutions at this magnificent building.

The mutual intention of the two architectural agencies involved, was to keep the traditional identity and to make the guests feel right at home. The lighting fixtures have largely contributed to this aim of homecoming.Georg Kronreif, one of 2F Lighting consultants, worked and experienced with this project another great cooperation with the lead designer, Moritz Rinne, from the Swiss architecture office, Monoplan AG.

The magnificent “Library Tower” has been equipped with a lighting arrangement in form of pendant rings and the Upper Lounge with unique suspensions. One of them is especially noticeable, since it has 28 grand geometrical square and rectangular casts, as well as an overall surface coverage of almost 58m². The pattern of some shapes includes two ancient Celtic knots, which embodies the traditional spirit of the hotel. A distinguishing aspect is the alternated height of suspension. This gives a graceful and admirable appearance to the entire Upper Lounge.

The sophisticated public areas were completed in April 2018, while the re-opening took place on Friday, April 27th 2018. The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens is owned by the Liebherr family and has not been Georg’s first Irish project. He has already supplied bespoke lighting to other hotels of the Saint Patrick’s country committed family. The overwhelming approval- at the end of each project- is to Georg the final reward.


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2F was founded 1972 from the company members of the Voglauer Möbelwerke, and since 2002 is it in possession from Maria and Hans Buchegger.

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