The Colonia House : Imaginative partitions to create transformable spaces

by | 27 Nov 2020 | Products

Transformable interiors with KLEIN architectural interior systems

Professional nomadism is a concept that is becoming stronger in today’s society. The owner of this penthouse splits his time between France and Mallorca, using this apartment as an operating business base . In summer, it becomes a family residence and the spatial needs change completely.

Meeting the needs of a single person while also meeting those of four different people, all with one single spatial plan, is a true challenge. Thus, architects Aina Bigorra González and Joan Pizà Roca have created liquid, transformable interior architecture,designed to be versatile and adaptable to its dwellers’ requirements.

They decided on sliding wood shelves as the backbone of the entire project. These not only provide storage for over 1,900 books, one of the owner’s passions, but also serve as mobile partitions, allowing the space to be reorganised as the users wish. KLEIN’s LITE+ sliding system gives them their mobility. The system’s recessed version, without any floor tracks, is key to taking advantage of every last square foot and equipping the space with multifunctionality.

With a simple movement, LITE+allows this project to go from a single bedroom with a large living room, to three different private rooms, separated by sliding mobile partitions. “The LITE system allowed us to integrate the track into the drop ceiling, thus achieving an architectural image that was up to the standards of the project, while also offering a practical use with soft closing,” says Aina Bigorra.

One movement changes everything.

One movement changes everything: Klein architectural interior systems




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