Tech Savvyness of Millenials questioned during the TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Events

At last week’s TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour, important regional leaders, designers and suppliers came together to network and discuss current issues in the hospitality industry.

One theme the international hospitality industry is struggling with is the millennial demographic. One of this reasons this generation is so problematic is that most senior hospitality professionals do not belong to this age group, certainly a contributing factor to why some misunderstandings exist.

At The H hotel Dubai, the panel discussion focused on the so-called “tech savvyness” of the new generation. An assumed characteristic of millennials, Laurent Voivenel discovered in a focus group that, actually, the majority had no idea how to configure networks, nor were they keen on experimenting with new apps. They just want things to work seamlessly. Electricity, water and internet are the new basic needs, but not necessarily in that order. The main question is: Does it work, and does it work intuitively? User-friendliness is one of the most important demands of this generation.

Tariq Qureishy cited the latest experiments underway in Dubai airport as an example of value-adding technology,: What if queueing at customs was no longer necessary? What if you could just walk out of the airport? Wouldn’t that make the experience marvelous? With modern techniques, technically would be possible to single out suspicious characters and let everyone else through much more efficiently.

Anton Schubert also put forward a question regarding the limitations of endless possibilities, saying, “if a technique does not enable an experience, its effectiveness must be questioned.”

All three panel members seemed to agree that what people remember is human, and not digital, interaction. Of course, hoteliers are obviously concerned with saving time and money, and new technologies can provide this, but for top brands, excelling in service could be a different ball game. While providing an an unforgettable hotel experience, triggering the left brain, the one where guest connects with their emotions, should be the aim…. with or without technology.

As well as this interesting discussion and insights into regional hotel projects currently under construction, one of the main draws of the TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour Events is the possibility of meeting every single person at the conference by the ‘changing tables’ format. Upcoming events for 2017 are in New York on November 15th, and in Zurich on 5th December.


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