There has been a changing trend in recent years that has seen the priorities of most luxury travelers shifting from wanting to enjoy the trapping of rich pampering and comfort, to a desire to experience the organic and local feelings inherent to the places that they visit.

What, the question may become, is fueling this changing trend?

Well, the Curio Collection by Hilton has conducted a survey to find out, and the results show that roughly 73 percent of those who have been surveyed say that traveling is their go-to outlet to express their curiosity. As such, Curio Collection has come up with a plan to address the needs of these visitors.

The Curious Gene Program

As these travelers continue to seek those type of local experiences and the related tailored activities that fuel their curiosity, Curio Collection by Hilton has now unveiled new elements to its Curious Gene program. To explore curiosity as it relates to travel, Hilton’s first collection brand conducted a consumer survey and has partnered with The Travel Channel’s Ashlan Cousteau to help people maximize their exploration.

Although only 20 percent of people from the aforementioned survey are said to have the “wanderlust gene” (DRD4-7R), according to that survey, which was commissioned by Curio Collection. A the same time, 91 percent of the population considers themselves to be curious. Seventy-three percent of people say that traveling is their go-to outlet to express their curiosity.

What Curio Collection by Hilton Leadership is Saying

Curio Collection by Hilton leadership is, understandably, excited to talk about all of this.

“At Curio Collection by Hilton, we believe in the power of curiosity and its ability to transform the way we live, learn and travel,” said Mark Nogal, global head, Curio Collection by Hilton. “Whether it’s across state lines, across the ocean or even in the places they call home, we want people to experience something unexpected and customized to their specific travel preferences when staying at one of our more than 50 Curio Collection hotels and resorts around the globe.”

Curiosity Findings

The study also revealed that curiosity is a way of life and plays a key role in travelers’ vacation planning process. Respondents shared how curiosity motivates the way they explore a new destination:

  • There’s always room for growth: Sixty percent of people believe they are more curious than the average person, yet more than half (53 percent) want to be more open to new experiences.
  • Education motivation: More than 90 percent of people take trips to learn something new, and 79 percent consider learning something new while on vacation a priority.
  • No time for naps: Fifty-five percent of travelers say that vacations are primarily a way to explore, not to relax.
  • Unique exploration: Fifty-seven percent of travelers wish they could spend more time exploring the things they are most curious about, such as visiting ancient ruins, eating dinner at a well-regarded restaurant or experiencing a safari.
  • Perfect travel partner: Sixty-four percent describe the perfect travel companion as someone who is curious. 65 percent consider a spouse or significant other as the best travel partner for new experiences, while 25 percent would prefer to travel alone.

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