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“Stripe Tease” Winner of NYCxDESIGN Awards

by | May 24, 2018 | Suppliers

Zurich based 4Spaces creates characterful fabrics far removed from the clichés of the industry and its superficial trends: they are simple, but very tactile, –fabrics with character.With an exquisite taste and feel for the spirit of the time and with a fresh perspective on design and aesthetics, the team at 4Spaces Textiles, curated by creative director Michele Rondelli, creates cutting edge fabrics which become icons of our age and inspire an exclusive clientele, designers and architects.

The  Stripe  Tease  Collection  embellishes  an  all  classic  decorative  element  and  parades  an  unseen stylization  by  fusing  photography with  the latest graphic  technology. Stripes are versatile and elegant, whether  tone-on-tone  or  bright  and  bold.  They  become  classics  when  they  are  the  same  width, transformed  into  a  modern  adaptation  when  the  width  becomes  random.  They  have  the  power  to reshape a room, put spaces in order, and can add a crisp, polished element to a space. Best of all, stripes mix beautifully with solids, florals, and other patterns meaning they can be used just about anywhere.

Classic, simple, preppy, bright, skinny, urban, vibrant, energizing, calming, alluring, luxurious; re-defining the Zeitgeist of interior design

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4Spaces specializes in developing unique bespoke textiles to the specification of architects and clients to match their exact needs and budgets.



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