Sofacompany delivers furniture to international apartment concept

by | 21 Jul 2021 | Products

Sofacompany delivers furniture to international apartment concept

Sofacompany is riding on a wave of growth driven by Blueground – a global proptech startup with a network of thousands of quality, turnkey, fully furnished apartments in the most sought-after neighbourhoods around the globe. The Danish design brand’s capacity to manufacture both standard products and special designs to Blueground’s global markets is integral to the partnership.

With ambitious growth targets and more than 4.000 furnished apartments distributed across 15 cities in the US, Europe and the Middle East, Blueground is unique in the market for mid- to long-term-stay apartments. Their clients are expats, business travellers and other individuals – including digital nomads, who are away from home for extended periods of time or working remotely and do not wish to stay in hotels. With growing numbers of people who prefer this solution, many choose a temporary rental in Blueground’s furnished apartments.

The core of Blueground is making people feel at home wherever they choose to live, and this is what Sofacompany helps create. Blueground guarantees consistent quality, flexibility of terms and ease of renting, which give guests the confidence to relocate without thinking twice and to explore new neighbourhoods, cities and countries.

Blueground delivers an unrivalled guest experience from beginning to end. From the convenient real-time, online booking platform – a Guest App for 24/7 support, in-app check-in and checkout – to a portfolio of service partners offering concierge-style guest benefits.

Since 2019, Sofacompany has collaborated with Blueground on a framework agreement and within just two years delivered close to 800 pieces of furniture for apartments in every Blueground destination.

“We aim to make people feel at home when they travel; our apartments give people a sense of home, a place to relax and unwind. We’ve thought about every detail, from couches and armchairs to rugs and artworks on the wall. 50% of the furniture is designed by our own design team, and the rest is standard products. Therefore, it is incredibly important for us to work with suppliers who offer great flexibility in manufacturing. That’s where Sofacompany comes into the picture, and that’s why they are a trusted partner for us,” says Gurhan Saatciogly, VP of supply chain and design for Blueground.

Sofacompany, whose turnover was 545 million Danish krone in 2020 with expectations to pass 1 billion krone in 2022, is a big export company. 70% of its turnover comes from sales abroad, and Blueground is among its biggest B2B clients.

“Our mission is to spread more cosiness or Danish ‘hygge’ in homes across the world. In partnership with Blueground, we can realise this dream on a large scale. Our brand and philosophy are exposed to a big international clientele, and we can showcase our competences to other B2B clients. In both design and production, we offer flexibility and efficiency, which is in high demand in that segment,” says Niels Svolgaard, sales director in Sofacompany.

In May 2021, Sofacompany was acquired by Lars Larsen Group, but continues as an independent company.

Blueground was established in 2013 and offers more than 4.000 furnished apartments in 15 cities across the US, Europe and the Middle East – Boston, Chicago, Denver, LA, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Austin, Athens, Istanbul, London, Paris, Vienna and Dubai. The headquarters is based in Istanbul, and Blueground employs more than 400 people globally. For more information, visit






Sofacompany is a young company that started out in 2012 by designing, manufacturing and selling beautiful, quality Danish sofas and furniture.