Smart buffet solutions: mobile, flexible, easy to clean

by | 03 Jul 2020 | Products

Mobile buffet counter with induction technology for hot holding

If the capacity of your serving area is currently not sufficient because of new distance regulations, there is need for simple, flexible buffet solutions – equipped with induction technology for hot holding.

This is possible with mobile, compact counters, which are able to keep food warm in an efficient, appealing, and HACCP-conform way. They will help to manage the guest flow peak, e.g. at the breakfast buffet, by turning existing spaces like conference rooms, lobbies and terraces into separate food serving areas.

Example 1: Portable induction device for hot holding

An easy way for keeping food warm at any place of your choice is the induction unit InductWarm® 200. Advantages of the portable device: The set-up is done within seconds – simply place the device right where it is needed, connect it to an electrical outlet and place any induction-compatible vessels on top. Without pre-heat period the induction device will keep food within the vessel warm straightaway.

Example 2: Compact, mobile buffet counter

The mobile ROCAM Omnia 2 buffet counter on wheels is equipped with two induction units, which are installed fully invisible under the counter’s glossy black glass surface. Each induction unit of the type InductWarm® 130+ keeps food warm in dishes up to size GN 1/1. It offers four power levels to keep food warm on temperatures between 40° C and 95° C. Due to its small size and the compact design this mobile counter is extremely versatile and can be used inside and outside as well.

Easy to clean and to disinfect

Without gaps or edges that are hard to clean: The InductWarm® built-in solution as well as the InductWarm® table-top device with touch panel offer a maximum of absolutely even surfaces, which are easy to clean and to disinfect – a benefit of high value for now and the future. This is the way to optimize hygienically relevant workflows and to make periodical cleaning routines more efficient.

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With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.