Skyfold offers a sophisticated and flexible space solution for The Berkeley Hotel

by | 17 Feb 2022 | Products

Skyfold Classic in the down position, splitting two meeting rooms

Skyfold was the ideal solution for dividing two of The Berkeley’s adjacent meeting rooms – Wilton and Knightsbridge. The self-retracting operable wall gives users the flexibility to quickly divide or expand spaces while blending in with the room’s aesthetic.

The Berkeley Hotel, a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, is a five-star luxury hotel with breath-taking views of Hyde Park. Rich in history and sophistication, it has long been a go-to spot for A-listers and the fashion-forward. Some of the amenities of the hotel include a Michelin-star restaurant, a world-class spa and the famous Blue Bar, where patrons can enjoy some of the most colourful and eclectic cocktails in town.

One of the most unique experiences offered at The Berkeley is their afternoon Prêt-à-Portea, a contemporary and stylish twist on the classic afternoon tea. Not only does it include elegant canapés and sandwiches, but its highlight is the little couture cakes, all of which are inspired by iconic fashion on the runway. The blend of old and new, along with its longstanding history, culture and unique amenities, makes The Berkeley one of the world’s most renowned hotels.

The Berkeley has some beautiful event spaces on the first floor available in various sizes, such as a large ballroom or quaint meeting rooms. The meeting spaces, whose contemporary design by John Heah is elegant and versatile, can accommodate all kinds of functions, from small business presentations and dinner parties to cocktail receptions and confidential meetings. Presentation / entertainment equipment, conference phones and audiovisual technology are all available to help create the type of space required for a client’s event.

Two of the adjacent meeting rooms, Wilton and Knightsbridge, can be combined to form a larger meeting room with the help of a Skyfold wall: a vertically folding, automatic, operable wall system.

Heah&Co was familiar with Skyfold from another hospitality project and liked the wow-factor and strong acoustics that Skyfold offered. The Classic model was chosen with an STC rating of 55, so that two events can be held simultaneously in both rooms without one disturbing the other. Should clients wish to use the entire space, a simple turnkey operation swiftly and silently lifts the wall where it stays tucked away until needed. No manual labour is required.

The Wilton and Knightsbridge meeting rooms, with their combined total of 87.75 sq m (945 sq ft), are not very large spaces. In cosy spaces such as these, every sq ft of floor space is important and must be utilised to maximise revenue. Skyfold was the perfect solution for this space, as it does not require pocket storage, therefore no floorspace is wasted.

Skyfold is finished with the same fabric as the surrounding walls of both rooms, so it blends seamlessly into the space and renders the wall practically invisible. When the wall is tucked into the ceiling, it becomes truly invisible due to the lack of wall tracks or floor tracks. You would never know that it is not a stationary wall, but a state-of-the-art vertical operable partition.

Heah&Co, along with the contractor and consultant Rainey & Best, are very pleased with the Skyfold wall and stated that they will use the product in future hospitality projects.

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  • The Skyfold Classic in the down position, splitting 2 meeting rooms.