Six Senses Zil Payson creates innovative learning experience about sustainability

by | May 7, 2019 | General News

The plantable pencils which will grow into flowers or herbs after colouring

The property on the idyllic tropical island is making a difference with its Grow With Six Senses program.

The Six Senses Zil Pasyon is adding a fun and quirky twist to the experience it offers guests via a new program called Grow With Six Senses.

The property is uniquely set on the peaceful tropical Félicité island. It is surrounded by diverse and lush natural surroundings with much nature to explore and already has an array of educational experiences for youngsters.

Grow With Six Senses will now add a holistic approach to their development both intellectually and spiritually, helping to build deeper connections that will ultimately lead to a greater focus on a sustainable future.

Grow With Six Senses

Colorful backpacks suitable for play and travel

Six Senses Zil Pasyon gives Grow With Six Senses a new meaning.

The program’s new highlight is a set of plantable coloured pencils. After finishing up artwork projects, children can plant their pencils, which will then grow into herbs or flowers.

This is made possible by a seed at the end of each coloured pencil, kept in a water-soluble casing, which will sprout once planted and watered.

There are six different colours available, each hiding different seeds that will grow into basil, chia, coriander, daisies, forget-me-nots and carnations.

A storybook created especially for Grow With Six Senses

Just for this program, a storybook was created by Penelope Kirkland, the in-house Grow With Six Senses manager, which focuses on educating little guests on the sustainability projects running on the island.

The story introduces its readers to the two island mascots, namely Anna, the turtle, and Steve, the tortoise.

Anna and Steve, in their own simple way, explain water desalination, composting, coral restoration and zero-waste, to name a few.

The book was illustrated by a local artist and has many interactive pages that include games, puzzles and lots of colouring.

The program would not be complete without a backpack for the youngsters to explore the island and take back home.

Penelope said, “The idea behind designing these backpacks was to highlight as many treasures of Félicité as possible so the children can take more memories home. These include coconut trees, Coco de Mer, snorkels, fruit bats and many more that are made from recycled materials by a company in South Africa which contributes to local charities with each purchase. There are many colours to choose from, it’s practical for travel and it has useful pouches suitable for water bottles, books and pencils.”

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