Six Senses focusing on sleep as essential part of guest experience

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Chains

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors in a healthy life. Sleep is a science that is difficult to analyse, and there are many myths surrounding what constitutes the perfect night’s sleep. Some experts say 8 hours is the ideal amount, while others say that 4 hour cycles are all your body needs to recharge itself. So for many hotel guests, one of the benefits of staying in a hotel is that they can get away from the daily routine of their lives and rest and relax in a comfortable hotel room with crisp sheets on a luxurious bed. But often this is not the case, as a lot of people have difficulty adjusting to new beds of different firmness and bedding that can either make them too hot or too cold. So some hotel chains are now putting sleep at the centre of the guest experience, or at least attempting to put more of a focus on sleep as an integral part of the visitor’s stay.

Luxury hotel brand Six Senses is just one of the big names that is capitalising on sleep as a means of enhancing the customer experience. As with many other hotels whose design endeavours to cover all aspects of the visitor’s time in the hotel, rooms in Six Senses resorts are often equipped with dimmers and blackout curtains, but this is no guarantee of some solid shuteye for the guest. Being that many of these hotels are situated in exotic locations that take a while to get to, many of Six Senses’ guests are often exhausted by the time they arrive, meaning that one of the first things they do is go to their room to take a nap. Which is possibly one of the reasons why the brand has identified sleep as an area that perhaps needs more consideration.

As part of their plan to make decent sleep a priority, Six Senses has created a new sleep-orientated package entitled Sleep With Six Senses. This package involves an online consultation with a sleep ambassador who prepares the client’s room for the perfect sleep upon arrival. Guest will also receive a wellness bag filled with sleep-friendly items including bamboo-fibre pyjamas, earplugs, jasmine room spritzer and nasal neti pots. This goody bag, combined with the luxurious amenities Six Senses is known for, is sure to lull any guest off to the sleep of their dreams with little effort.

Six Senses aren’t the only ones reimagining how sleep can be promoted in their hotels. Hyatt-owned Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona is continuing their sleep program, which they initiated in 2012, and MGM Resorts International has created the Stay Well hotel room concept which also puts an emphasis on sleep.


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