Rubelli stakes on Rubelli Casa with Matteo Nunziati

by | 05 Mar 2020 | Products

Matteo Nunziati and the Rubelli CEO Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli

2020 Salone del Mobile Preview

Five years since the launch of Rubelli Casa, Rubelli assigns creative direction of its furnishings division to Matteo Nunziati.

As well as designing numerous pieces where every detail is very carefully studied, the architect is to curate the coordinated brand image – sets, showrooms and retail outlets, and means of communication.

Presentation to the public on the occasion of the forthcoming Salone del Mobile in Milan.

This year’s Salone del Mobile looks to be particularly meaningful for Rubelli. The Venice company is staking strongly on Rubelli Casa, the furnishings division set up in 2015 which has benefited from invaluable work with Luca Scacchetti, Nava+Arosio and Marco Piva. Under the artistic direction of Matteo Nunziati it now appears in a new guise yet still maintaining continuity in messages and values.

The architect is to design for the forthcoming Salone del Mobile a line of furnishings which interact with each other and feature a skilful use of prized materials (from walnut to marble, fabric to leather) and where the crafted detailing is almost obsessive – two lines of upholstered furniture including sofas and armchairs, a small armchair with an original solution in the use of materials, a series of coffee tables and side tables, a bookcase and a line of buffets. As in the previous collections, the main goal is the residential market yet all the products can easily be adapted for contract use.

All this is to be presented at the same time at the completely new Rubelli Casa stand and at the flagship store on via Fatebenefratelli in Milan.

Matteo Nunziati was also called upon to offer creative monitoring of everything that identifies the brand – coordinated image, trade show outfitting, catalogue and communication.

As creative director, Nunziati is also to coordinate the work of other creative figures who collaborate with Rubelli Casa. This year the duo Nava+Arosio is to present new designs – the iconic small armchair Pila-47 in lounge version and an updated version of the Piano dining table, designed with a new base which allows even longer and made-to-measure tops to be housed.

Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli, CEO, commented:

Matteo Nunziati immediately appeared to us to be a true master of his craft. Starting from a pencil mark on a blank sheet of paper, he was able to design a Rubelli Casa entirely aligned with quality, crafted detailing and the strong personality of the Rubelli textiles collection, with the two divisions providing mutual strength. We were won over by his down-to-earth approach, his focus on details and comfort and his ability to create products which are not only works of art but also items of furniture that can easily be included in an interior design project.

For the 2020 Salone del Mobile Rubelli Casa is once again attending the show with a double stand compared to previous ones and located at the entrance to pavilion 3.

A dedicated set is also to be created at the company’s showroom in via Fatebenefratelli 9 to place the correct emphasis on the new products and integrate them with existing ones.

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