Rubelli inspires the new ceramic collection by Florim, ”i filati di rex”

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The decorative motifs of ”i filati di rex”, the new ceramic collection produced by Florim in collaboration with Rubelli for Cersaie 2019 (Bologna, 23-27 September), are all patterns derived from Rubelli fabrics.

The two Italian companies Rubelli and Florim – which enjoy international standing in the sectors of textiles & upholstered furniture and ceramic tiles respectively – joined forces to launch an exciting project for interior design.

The Venetian company’s most iconic decorative patterns come to life on the ceramic surface in an elegant interplay of relief effects that reinterpret the texture of the fabric.

Florim, brand synonymous with luxury and elegance, has selected nine Rubelli fabrics:
they range from classic damask motifs (like San Marco, part of the collection for over a century) to floral patterns (like Funny Girl and Lady Hmilton that offer a modern take on classic elements) and geometric decorative patterns (perfect for those in search of more understated decoration), as the jacquard Happy Hour.

As if by magic, fabrics “turn” into ceramic, and the mingling of these two materials – so different yet at the same time complementary – offers a sensory experience that engages both sight and touch.

Large slabs that look hand-woven by the skilled fingers of master weavers become a new expression of Italian-made beauty and design.

“The Florim project has led us into a totally new field. It came as a revelation to me to see textile patterns and designs that are so familiar to me, exquisitely transposed onto ceramic slabs. You could say that Florim in some way made me … feel at home! I’m proud to say that now, in addition to the Peggy Guggenheim – of which we are both supporters – we have another project in partnership with Florim” , stated Rubelli CEO, Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli.

“We are proud to work in partnership with such a prestigious company as Rubelli, a veritable icon in the world of luxury artisan textiles. Our technologies, coupled with their tradition in the textile sector, will give life to ceramic products of the highest aesthetic value, reinforcing the image of Italian-made beauty and design worldwide”, stated Claudio Lucchese, Chairman of Florim Ceramiche.


Inspired by an innate passion for beauty and design, Florim has been producing ceramic surfaces to meet all the needs of the construction, architecture and interior design sectors for more than 50 years. Headed by Claudio Lucchese, son of its founder Giovanni Lucchese, the company has a past firmly rooted in the ceramics district at Sassuolo (Modena) and a present as an international industry trendsetter. Today, the Group employs 1400 people worldwide and generates turnover of over 400 million Euro. Famed for its quality, expertise and cutting-edge technology and design, it is known on the market through its high-end Italian brands (Floor Gres, Rex, CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia, Casa dolce casa – Casamood, Cerim and FLORIM stone) and Milestone, the brand manufactured in the USA for the North American market. With state-of-the-art production plants, distribution companies and partnerships in Europe, America and Asia and a number of flagship stores and single-brand showrooms, the company is well positioned in the world’s top design districts. Its strategy focused on quality, innovation and sustainability combines with the creative drive and passion of its workforce to transform the value known as “Made in Italy” into MADE IN FLORIM.


Rubelli, the historic Venetian company, designs, produces and sells furnishing products, in particular textiles for both residential and contract use. In addition to Rubelli Venezia and Rubelli Casa, the Rubelli Group also includes the Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli and Donghia brands, as well as the Armani Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli licence. Availing of its own style department, with designers who possess great technical, artistic and historical expertise, and with its own mill located in Como, Rubelli is able to monitor every step of the production process. The company boasts a vast historical archive containing over 7000 textile documents, an invaluable source of inspiration for new collections and special projects. Rubelli is physically present in Venice, Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Moscow and Dubai, as well as in major cities throughout the United States with its own showrooms. In addition, its extensive distribution network cover more than 85 countries. Over the years, the company has promoted partnerships in Italy and abroad with renowned companies in the luxury and design sector. Rubelli has always been linked to the world of art and culture; the company supports museums, is a patron of young designers, organises exhibitions and promotes events in Italy and abroad.

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Rubelli, a textile design company at the forefront in the design and production of fabrics for interiors, has operated on the contract market since 1987 with Trevira CS flame retardant fabrics.


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