Recipe for Concept: Trends in the Hotel Food & Beverage Industry

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Suppliers

Restaurants are a key success factor for hotels; thus getting the right concept for a given property is crucial. Recipe for Concept develops authentic, contemporary and holistic restaurant & bar concepts with a turnkey-framework approach. The company aims on establishing individual, authentic and fitting concepts, for both clients and their target group of guests.

According to Jan Smeets, managing director of Recipe for Concept, the Hotel Food & Beverage industry is nowadays focusing more and more on hyper-local concepts, clean eating and veggie-centric cuisine. Besides these trends, Smeets states that there are many good examples of where hotel F&B should move to. First of all providing a relevant offer and well thought through concepts catering to hotels and local guests. Recipe For Concept develops restaurant and bar concepts from A – Z including concept definition, concept pillars such as food & beverage program, interior design, functional bar and kitchen planning as well as corporate design, operating equipment, etc.

Smeets emphasizes the importance of giving your guests something different than the standard international menu/cuisine… (what is that anyway) and same, same bar selection of drinks. It’s time to look at Hotel Food & Beverage from a point of experience. It’s about creating exciting moments, if not memories!

Also, prices should be made attractive and affordable again, especially for the 5-star / luxury segment. Smeets says he believes in local profile and positioning of the hotel through its food & beverage offering and thus it’s just ridiculous to charge 10€ and above for a bottle of mineral water. How cool would it be for an “average” guest to drink more than just 1 glass of wine and possibly order a full menu instead of just a main course.

Lastly, now more seen than ever: the attention for sustainability and the use of innovative technologies also influences todays thinking and therefore plays a bigger role in concepts and operation. Recipe for Concept is currently setting up a program of “green turnaround measures” for the food & beverage/hospitality industry together with an experienced “green entrepreneur. Together Jan and Lyss (from bring to hospitality the proven and profitable measures to ensure a light environmental footprint, while guest experience and financial sustainability grows. It’s not so much about being hippy-green, but to introduce the methods of the circular economy and easy-to-implement ecological steps in a 3-tier system.

― About the Supplier ―

Recipe for Concept provides professional restaurant and bar concept development as well as food and beverage solutions, hands-on food & beverage consulting as well as food & beverage concept placement & planning services.


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