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Quiet toilet flushes and sound-optimised pipes

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Suppliers

It’s 3 a.m. in your hotel room, and once again you’re woken up by the sound of a toilet flushing and water rushing through discharge pipes. Keep calm – Geberit now offers products that perform quietly.

Imagine you’re lying in your hotel bed after a hard day. You’re just about to doze off when you’re rudely awakened by a flushing noise. Low-noise sanitary installations are just as much a part of the very best hotel infrastructure as a comfortable bed or a well-stocked minibar. Geberit has committed itself to meeting the expectations placed on sanitary infrastructure in these situations. In addition to a quiet soft-closing mechanism for the WC lid, for example, Geberit has modified the inner geometry of the WC ceramic for the rimless AquaClean Mera shower toilet. The Silent-Pro building drainage system also reduces noise emissions with increased wall thicknesses and a specially designed shape. Once the pipes are installed correctly, peace is restored.

Rimless ceramic sanitary appliances

Looking inside the shower toilet reveals a design that is the first of its kind. The innovative TurboFlush technology with an asymmetrical inner geometry means that the ceramic sanitary appliance can be flushed out thoroughly and quietly. A single lateral flush opening is sufficient for this purpose. After the flushing plate is actuated, the water is flushed from the lateral opening directly into the curve of the ceramic sanitary appliance and then flows away in a whirlpool in the middle. This ergonomic water flow reduces the acoustic load to a minimum.

This low-noise flush is combined with a hygienically clean surface. The rimless WC ceramic appliance comes complete with a premium-quality ceramic glaze to protect against the accumulation of dirt. It also features flowing transitions and accessible surfaces, making it incredibly easy to keep clean. During the design process, we deliberately chose not to include difficult-to-reach cracks and gaps to save time and effort when cleaning.

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The combination of the innovative TurboFlush technology of the Geberit AquaClean shower toilets and the asymmetrical inner geometry of the rimless WC ceramic appliance ensure that the flushing-out process is particularly thorough and quiet without compromising on the highest standard of hygiene. 



Low-noise drainage

In addition to the ceramic being flushed out quietly, the highly sound-insulating Silent-db20 or Silent-Pro building drainage system contributes to reduced sanitary noise emissions. Thanks to the hydraulically optimised fittings, there is less turbulence in the pipes. The special low-resonance material that is used also absorbs the sound, ensuring low-noise flushing in all sanitary installations.

For building drainage systems, Geberit offers a complete range of pipes and fittings made of durable plastics. The range includes normal, sound-optimised and highly sound-insulating piping systems for push-fit connections or welded joints as well as matching fire protection solutions. 



Putting it to the test

In Geberit’s building technology and acoustics laboratory, the acoustic properties of both sanitary products and various installation technologies are thoroughly put to the test. In order to determine the sound emissions, the acoustic specialists use not only highly sensitive microphones, but also sensors or even laser light.

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About the Supplier

The globally operating Geberit Group is a European leader in the field of sanitary products.


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