Perfect bath experience – orchestrated by DigiValet

by | 28 Jun 2021 | Products

Luxury hotels have always looked to DigiValet to bring novel and unique guest experiences. The automated bath experience is the latest addition to DigiValet’s wow list.

With this enhancement, guests can set bathing preferences on the DigiValet iPad and leave everything to be managed by the system’s intelligence, as if by magic. As simple as it may sound, the automated bath experience makes a world of difference.

For a guest arriving from a long journey, a relaxing bath is such a delight and comfort. However, usually before they can immerse themselves into the bathtub they need to figure out how to get the water to the right temperature by playing with the cold and hot taps. What’s more is that after being in the tub for a while, they keep struggling to maintain the water temperature.

Yes, it’s an ordeal. DigiValet transforms all that hassle into a luxurious experience.

All that the guest needs to do is select the preferred water temperature and specify the number of people occupying the tub. DigiValet’s intelligent controls manage the hot and cold water taps and the water level.

Taking it a step further, the preferred temperature is maintained proactively throughout the bathing experience. In true multisensory fashion, guests can set their preferred fragrance and music to complete the experience.

With DigiValet, the front-desk team also gets an interface, which they can use to prefill the bathtub for a guest prior to check-in.

The smart bathtub experience adds a unique capability to the existing myriad of integrations, controls and services that the DigiValet platform offers.

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