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Peninsula Hotels becomes first-ever all five-star brand

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Chains

The Peninsula Hong Kong, the group’s flagship property

The Peninsula Manila’s five-star Forbes Travel Guide rating propels the hotel group to an unrivalled position in the world of hospitality.

This year, The Peninsula Manila was awarded a five-star rating by Forbes Travel Guide, meaning that now all ten properties operated by The Peninsula Hotels bear five-star status.

This has given the group a unique standing in the hotel industry, making it the only brand with such a rating on the Forbes list.

We find out more.

The Peninsula makes Forbes Travel Guide history

The Peninsula Manila has propelled the group into the annals of history in the Forbes Travel Guide by becoming the first brand to ever have all its properties, ten in total, bestowed with a five-star rating by the guide.

This is a testament to the excellence of The Peninsula’s service and operations.

Peninsula CEO Peter Borer says of the award, “We were happy to receive this accolade. But most importantly, we’re very grateful to our staff around the world who made this happen. This is really a tribute to all our employees who, day in and day out, work hard, try to please and try to follow these exacting standards and sometimes surpass them. To me, it’s a great tribute to them and I’m very, very grateful to all my colleagues.”

Maintaining five-star quality

Borer has over 40 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, so he knows what it takes to keep a fleet of hotels not only running smoothly, but at a high enough standard to continue winning awards and top lists.

Noting that The Peninsula only runs ten hotels, Borer says one of the secrets to maintaining five-star quality is training, which is easier within a smaller company.

However, this is coupled with a long company history, in which Borer has been involved for the past 38 years. The knowledge he has gleaned over almost four decades is indispensable to his success.

He also notes how the industry has changed during that time. Luxury hospitality in particular, is a sector which is constantly evolving, and one that keeps hoteliers on their toes.

Of luxury, Borer says, “To me, luxury is in constant evolution, but the principles of luxury remain the same. If you have a choice, you’re a free person and that, to me, is the greatest luxury. Space and time are an incredible luxury. I believe that time has become an even greater luxury because the world is getting so much more connected, which is an advantage.”

The future of The Peninsula Hotels

Operating a small selection of luxury hotels means that The Peninsula is not in the game of expanding rapidly or adding new brands or collections to its portfolio.

However, this doesn’t mean that the group is ready to rest on its laurels. Borer says that the years ahead will see the opening of several new Peninsula hotels in desirable locations such as London, Yangon and Istanbul.


Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway by Peninsula Hotels:


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