Ovolo Hotels launches design-led rebrand

by | 26 Feb 2020 | Portfolio

Ovolo’s rebranding brings the brand’s unique approach to hospitality to life.

Ovolo unveils a new brand identity and promises guests a stay filled with unique surprises and unforgettable experiences. Wonder. Full!

Ovolo Hotels’ newly launched brand identity aligns with the group’s delivery of unique hospitality experiences that inspire awe and wonder in their guests.

Positioned as Wonder. Full., Ovolo aims to appeal to design-savvy guests, and this is reflected in their new branding.

We find out more.

Designed to be Wonder. Full.

Ovolo Hotels, the Hong Kong-based luxury boutique hotel group, has undergone an identity overhaul for the 2020s.

As a “playful, distinctive, daring family of contemporary boutique hotels across Australia and Hong Kong designed for the modern traveller,” Ovolo was looking for a brand identity that was more in line with its core value of offering unique and unconventional hotel experiences to every guest.

“A major component of Ovolo’s brand evolution was realigning the identity with the overall and unique hotel experience. Sophisticated yet creative and quirky interiors and an increasingly design-savvy audience gave us an opportunity to elevate our brand whilst maintaining the innovative, disruptive yet cheeky spirit that continues to drive us in everything we do,” explained Girish Jhunjhnuwala, CEO and founder of Ovolo Hotels.

Bold, brash and beautiful

The new Ovolo identity is definitely not shy and grabs attention with its execution in bold colours, such as orange and teal, contrasted with softer hues, like pastel pink. The typeface is solid and commanding, and the result is contemporary and trendy.

Not only is the brand identity a fresh new offering for Ovolo, but it also ties into their renewed focus on the iconic architecture of their properties.

Ovolo’s new brand architecture, By Ovolo Collective, is a select group of hotels that currently consist of the Nishi Apartments Canberra and will soon be joined by The Sheung Wan Central Hong Kong and a new Ovolo property in Bali coming later this year.

Each of these unique properties will be filled with Wonder, and guests can keep their eyes peeled for “Curios”, a carefully curated collection of objects that draw the viewer in and contribute to the artsy feeling of the bespoke boutique hotels.

“Wonder. Full. not only demonstrates the alignment with Ovolo’s hotel experience but also our commitment to continually innovate and create an enhanced customer experience,” said Stephen Howard, Group Director of Marketing, Ovolo Hotels.

“Each unique, Ovolo hotels are famous for delivering consistently rich experiences to our guests. So, the idea of celebrating a place full of wonder was an obvious inspiration and insight to inform the brand evolution.”



Founded by Girish Jhunjhnuwala in 2002, Ovolo is a proud Hong Kong brand and remains a family owned and privately operated business with a charitable core. Ovolo now runs four hotels in Hong Kong and six hotels in Australia.