Outstanding Selo doors fire safety and comprehensive product testing

by | 10 Jun 2021 | Suppliers

Selo carries out ongoing fire tests to provide evidence that the product is tested appropriately and produced to a consistent standard. This gives verification of product performance and reassurance over consistency and quality.

Never before has fire safety been under such intense scrutiny. In our latest blog, Selo’s technical director Jeff Jones talks about Selo’s commitment to product testing and its comprehensive fire safety testing programme.

The tragic events at Grenfell and the resultant issues raised around fire and building safety underline the importance of ensuring products specified in every building are subjected to a robust fire testing process.

Demonstrating our solemn commitment to public health and safety, we undertake a comprehensive fire testing programme for all of our products to ensure we can deliver the highest level of proven fire resistance achievable.

Our commitment to fire safety is underpinned by a three-stage approach to fire testing.

Significant investment in ongoing fire safety testing

In the last ten years alone, Selo has invested more than £750,000 in fire testing. As you would expect, every product in our range is tested and, as a minimum, testing ensures compliance with the legally required standards of BS 476 Part 22 or BS EN 1634-1:2014+A1:2018 under Appendix C1 of the Building Regulations 2010.

No less than 21 product fire tests have already been commissioned for this year.

Provision of field testing reports

We want to know how our products perform in situ and our testing programme reflects that. Selo can supply specifiers with detailed and concise field of application reports from UK notified bodies, which give both direct test evidence and meet the relevant standards for extended applications.

This often requires us to commission additional fire testing to directly support any assessment and ensure we can provide specific direct test evidence.

A commitment to UK testing facilities

We believe that the use of UK testing houses enables us to ensure the quality and consistency of testing required to meet and exceed UK fire safety standards.

If you would like to know more about our fire testing programme or view testing data for any of our fire-certified products, please get in touch with us – call 020 3880 0339 or email [email protected]

Expert specification advice and test data is readily available from our team.

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