Novotel Cambridge

by | 08 Feb 2021 | Products

Novotel Cambridge is one of the first buildings to be completed as part of the exciting revitalisation of Cambridge North.

Located near the station and within walking distance of business parks and attractions, the hotel is perfectly placed to welcome guests visiting the area.

The four-star hotel is spread across six storeys with high-quality facilities including a bar, restaurant, gym, swimming pool and conference areas – additionally, the space has 160 sq m of retail space, which will not only benefit guests but also the local community. Working with developers McAleer & Rushe, Havwoods was selected to provide an aesthetic wood floor throughout the hotel.

Selected for its durability and visual appeal, Havwoods was the ideal choice for a new hotel wanting to create an impactful first impression.

Specified in a chevron design, the pattern adds interest whilst making the space appear bigger. The intricate detail adds a premium feel to the space, allowing for a stunning wood floor that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality.

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Established in 1975, Havwoods’ commitment to quality, expertise and service has made it Britain’s foremost wood-flooring company supplying architects, specifiers and individuals around the world.



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