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New levels of quality and freshness for self-service coffee market

by | Mar 31, 2018 | Suppliers

Delicious coffee specialities with intense flavour and exceptionally creamy milk foam are not things anyone normally associates with a vending machine. Although the quality level in this sector has become better overall, the difference from table-top coffee machines using freshly ground beans and fresh milk systems is still very noticeable in terms of the taste, and the appearance. Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Schaererlaunched a quality offensive two years ago in the self-service sector, and today offers a fully rounded concept in the shape of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner. Where conventional vending machines often rely solely on powder solutions, Schaerer brings its depth of coffee expertise into play and with the Premium Coffee Corner offers variety and quality based on fresh ingredients. This system combines a unique range of customisation options according to client preferences – both in terms of the equipment variants and the design – and exceptionally easy maintenance and filling thanks to the compact and modular design. Integration with the powerful digital solution, Schaerer Coffee Link, is naturally also guaranteed. 

Whether at a train station, airport, trade fair, office, shopping centre or canteen: the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner stands for coffee enjoyment of the highest order. The system prepares coffee specialities made from freshly ground beans and fresh milk, around the clock. Inside, only the best technical components of the tried and tested Schaerer professional coffee machines combine with each other, from high performance grinders through to the patented Best Foam milk system for barista standard hot and cold milk foam. In terms of technical equipment and look, the Premium Coffee Corner is tailored to the respective application scenario and thus to the individual requirements of the operating firm. In line with the “Anything is possible” motto, the modular design knows virtually no limits – from being equipped with a syrup station, to app integration, through to a customised housing design in line with customer preferences. In designing a personalised Premium Coffee Corner, operating firms profit not least from Schaerer’s many years of experience in developing tailored, customised solutions for leading firms in the coffee business worldwide. They also have access to wide-ranging coffee expertise from the Schaerer Coffee Competence Centre – such as for coffee tastings or creating unique “Signature Coffee Drinks” to strengthen their own brand identities.

Matchless level of standard equipment 

Even the standard version of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner provides everything needed for a large range of high quality coffee specialities and an incomparable user experience. The 32 inch touch screen allows coffee connoisseurs to choose from a wide selection of different coffee beverages. The clear and simple menu guidance provides further options and permits intuitive operation. In addition, the large screen facilitates the prominent display of service instructions for operators, animations of the preparation process or promotional offers, as well as corporate branding films, for example. The standard equipment level also includes two grinders for different bean varieties, the Best Foam milk system for processing fresh milk types as well as a powder system for selecting two different toppings. To make operation as service-friendly as possible, the Premium Coffee Corner is equipped with a refrigerator. It holds up to 20 litres of milk in either one or two compartments – both in the form of containers and bag-in-box packages. In addition, there are three integrated cup dispensers as well as storage compartments for sugar and stirrers. Also incorporated are a water filter and – in the future – a waste system for the simple and easy setup and operation of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner. To ensure simple and speedy filling along the way, as well as maintenance, the housing can be fully opened at the front. This means that service engineers can easily access the well-protected components of the coffee powerhouse whenever required. Significant focus was not least also given in the development process to easy cleaning of the system: the HACCP-compliant cleaning programme ensures maximum hygiene in just ten minutes.

Connecting the Schaerer Coffee Link

An important prerequisite for the successful operation of the Premium Coffee Corner is its operational readiness. This means ensuring perfect technical functionality as well as ingredient supply levels to avoid lost sales and unhappy customers. Connection to the digital service platform Schaerer Coffee Link supports operating firms with comprehensive management of all process on the connection machines – from quality assurance and monitoring through to the advance planning of servicing routes or maintenance work, under the heading of “Predictive Maintenance”. Added to this, the analysis of data from individual machines or sites provides information on their performance levels. This is valuable information for playing targeted promotions on the displays of selected coffee machines directly from the application across different sites and machines, or for making modifications to the range of beverages on offer.


― About the Supplier ―

From the start, Schaerer has endeavoured to unite superior technology with the quest to indulge the senses. This has been instrumental in making the company a leading provider of fully automatic, integrated coffee and milk solutions.



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