New brand Trademark Hotel Collection launched by Wyndham Hotels

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Chains

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts has announced the launch of a new lifestyle brand, Trademark Hotel Collection. The upscale, 5-star parent group is targeting a different demographic with this midscale and above range of independent hotels. Operating as a franchise, the new venture will seek to invite independent hoteliers with 3 or 4-star properties to take advantage of Wyndham’s reputation and legacy by putting their name over the door, and the Trademark Collection appeals to travelers who are looking for a high-class hotel experience but without the luxury price tag. By lending Wyndham’s name to already successful mid range properties, guests get the best of both worlds – luxury with a more personal feel.

The name says a lot about the concept of the brand. Wyndham’s marketing manager Lisa Checchio says, “A trademark is a symbol of character, an emblem of individuality. Trademark isn’t just another brand: it’s a rally cry for independent entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to make their own mark. The Trademark Hotel Collection is the next step in our mission to flip the script on existing expectations and champion all hoteliers by offering them an independent choice outside of the current luxury and upscale options available.”

The initial starting point for Trademark begins with more than 50 unique hotel projects in the pipeline, some existing hotels and some new build hotels, mostly located in urban hubs and gateway cities. This will be Wyndham’s 19th brand and will be a little more vague in nature than some of their more signature hard brands, like Travelodge for example, which allows for more brand flexibility and the ability of the independent hotelier operating the property to leave their own mark.


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