New AI-Powered Ad helps consumers personalize their vacation planning

by | Jul 12, 2018 | General News

The hospitality company Best Western Hotels & Resorts teamed up with IBM Watson Advertising to introduce the new technology for hotels and hotel operators

IBM Watson Advertising and Best Western have now teamed up to help take the sting out of summer travel for consumers across the world by collaboration on a new interactive AI-powered ad.

Dubbed Best Western’s Watson Ad, this project has quite a bit to offer both hotels and the guests who stay at them. For guests, planning a summer get away can often be a very stressful situation. This new technology helps to alleviate that stress. Indeed, with the Watson Ad, users can now personalize vacation planning by providing consumers with travel tips and tricks, recommendations for local accommodations, and special offers based on their travel preferences.

For the hotel that has helped to create this tech, the AI planner will serve as a mechanism for first and foremost working to direct more guests through their doors.

Watson Ads in Other Industries

For those who are familiar with happenings in other industries, the Watson Ad concept may be a familiar one.

For example, Watson Ads have long benefited companies within many industries, including the automotive industry, the consumer healthcare industry, the consumer packaged goods industry, and even the glitzy entertainment industry.

This instance, however, is the first within the hospitality industry. So yes, that means that Best Western is the first hospitality brand to launch a Watson Ads campaign.

How Watson Ads Will Work Within the Hospitality Industry

The way that Watson Ads work is relatively simple.

Users first start a conversation with Best Western’s AI-powered ad by simply engaging the ad. Then they continue by providing information on their current or upcoming travel plans. Through a series of dialogue prompts, the consumer is subsequently guided seamlessly through a conversation about their travel needs while the AI-powered ad works to respond with tailored suggestions as to how to make the most out of their vacation and how they can take advantage of Best Western’s locations across North America.

The AI-powered ad is driven by the consumer’s questions and desire to learn more. For example, a consumer may engage the Watson Ad to share that they are “hitting the road to visit the mountains this weekend,” and the ad would respond to ask for more information around activities that are planned such as hiking or sightseeing. If the consumer says, “We’re going hiking,” the ad could respond with tips on how to make the most of their hiking excursion by packing water, marking their parking spot, and fueling up for the hike with the hot breakfast served daily at Best Western. From there, the consumer can choose to book a room at a Best Western, take a virtual 360 tour of a Best Western hotel, learn more about the award-winning Best Western Rewards program, or learn more about the amenities available at Best Western locations.

Let’s take a look at a few projects currently underway by Best Western Hotels & Resorts:

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