Nathan Allan Willow Glass Wall makes lobby 1920’s Federal Reserve Bank a sophisticated meeting and event space

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Suppliers

CBT Architects was given the challenge of redesigning a 1920’s Federal Reserve Bank into an elegant lobby. Their solution now focuses a guest’s attention on the breathtaking entryway, featuring a Nathan Allan Willow glass partition wall behind the reception desk.

“The Langham, Boston is a timeless hotel with great historical significance to the city,” said Serge Denis, Managing Director of The Langham, Boston. “With the transformation of our lobby, we worked to preserve that history, blending modern and classic elements to create a visually stunning grand entrance that is the perfect complement to our sophisticated meeting and event space.”

The Langham wanted a design that would address the relocation and reconfiguration of their reception desk and concierge into an elegant, well lit, timeless space that would individually accommodate the numerous daily lobby functions.

The lobby redesign involved the transformation of the Langham entry experience with the creation of multiple unique spacial experiences within the expanded public area on the ground floor. Designers faced a redesign of an originally repurposed 1920’s designed Federal Reserve Bank building in order to achieve the final elegant lobby space. The design includes a new concierge-focused entryway, four individual reception pods, and a world class champagne bar and lounge.

Nathan Allan

Nathan Allan Glass Studios is a global leader in manufacturing Architectural Glass. Using exclusive kiln-formed production methods, creative glass artists and graphic designers develop custom glass products and unique visual perspectives for the Architectural and Interior Designer communities. Architects and designers continuous provide R&D on new products, and a production schedule that surpasses all others.


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Nathan Allan Glass Studios is a global leader in manufacturing Architectural Glass.

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